Zuma's lawyer slams state capture commission | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Zuma's lawyer slams state capture commission | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Former president Jacob Zuma’s lawyer has slammed the state capture commission for not providing his client with the information he required. Courtesy #DStv403

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  1. Can someone explain if a commission can apply the law if conclusions are found there are guilty parties and they can be prosecuted to the full extent. It appears this lawyer is making out Zuma is doing the commission a favour by appearing.

  2. Its not propaganda if the information and what is said in public is true and based on facts! So many fingers pointing in one ☝️ direction? Where there is smoke, there is 🔥! Hopefully the judicial system will rise above petty arguments, delaying tactics and PROPAGANDA from Mr Zuma and his legal team. I’m so tired of hearing that he did absolutely nothing wrong. Just look at Mr Zuma’s body language today, Twitching, scratching touching of head and nose..? Just step up and admit guilt Mr President. One action from your side can change everything in SA. Give up some time of your life in prison where I am sure you will be comfortable and well looked after. You will be better of than most poor South Africans. By doing this you can make things so much better for so many poor South Africans. Condemn all corruption Mr Zuma and admit guilt. Just by doing that you save 100 000 000’ s of Rands as this commission can cut to the chase and start to root out corruption once and for all.

  3. 10 years from now South Africa will be completely useless just like Nigeria , Zimbabwe etc. Professionals are leaving the country in droves, people are taking their money out of the country.Yet there are idiots supporting a doofus that brought the country to its knees.

  4. It's easy…he's the most corrupt president SA ever had…no excuses no preparation necessary…put him in jail. He not a guest…his been implicated….GUILTY!

  5. This old man even if he can be preacher he will confused he's congregation, name dropping is the part of the commission if not how pple will know who did what and when ,We need names please. Not anonymous thank you very much.

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