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YOU helped do this! | Jabar Post Indonesia

A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including money, alms, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles. A donation may satisfy medical needs such as blood or organs for transplant.

Charitable donations of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

❤️️Want to give something? Try one of these links! –
– Make a donation to Save The Orphans Please:
– Give a gift to a child in a crisis area of the world:
– More about Blessings Home Orphanage:

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As a gift from this YouTube channel, we have donated two keyboards to the Blessings Home orphanage in Bangalore, India. If you’re interested in supporting kids in need around the world, please visit one of the links above. If you can’t give money, maybe you can share your time. Consider volunteering or just visiting an orphanage in your area.

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  1. There are a lot of bad things in the world, but there are people like you and other warm-hearted persons too. They make the world beautiful, a world where people give and share. Thank you for doing this. I hope when I am older and finished my study to help people with medical things and create medicines for diseases we didn't even now it existed, but people in countries far away are suffering a lot from it. Until that time I just hope that everyone sees me as a person they can always talk too and I will try to give as much love as possible. <3

  2. For my two cents, caring for another person is a holistic endeavor: in the end, we all want to belong, enjoying the gifts of others and generously sharing our own. Sometimes, that means I buy a hungry stranger a meal and have a conversation. Sometimes, I help stressed out BFFs talk through their troubles. And, other times, I get vulnerable and let people help me when I'm worried about rent or whatever. Just as I am filled up by helping others, so others can be filled by helping me. In this way, we all flourish as a community.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic, Sanjay! I just discovered your channel and look forward to binging my way through it…🥳

  3. im here for the giveaway to be honest . but its so beautiful what you are doing . i have nothing to give these kids but i can give them my good blessings and some knowledge of piano and keyboard. keep on what you are doing and make these kids good musicians. i hope that keyboard will be mine :DD!

  4. I just recently discovered your channel and I love it you put out really good content and this video was beautiful there's nothing more precious than giving to people and seeing the smile on their face

  5. What a lovely video, music is such a wonderful way to bring positivity into people's lives. Immigration is a big issue these days all over the globe and I have helped a young immigrant to learn the local language and helped with his schooling. This is one way I was able to "give something back" and it was a rewarding experience and gave me some insights.

  6. There are many schools that cut funding for instruments in their music classes. Also some families cannot afford instruments that their children would like to play in school.

  7. Glad to see you giving in this way. I travel a lot stopping in many truck stops and like to take my mobile rig into the driver's lounge to work on my music which allows me to share with other drivers how they can pick up the musical skills they put away in the past and renew their interest as well as give them something to do during their down time.

  8. I would literally ask him questions until he finds something that that person wants to study / do or that he has passion in something and help him with what is in my hands.

  9. This was really nice, the kids wanting to play the pianos was very inspiring.
    Inspiring others is something easy I can do to help others but a small gesture can go a long way!:)

  10. Learning, some people might not be able to have the ability to learn music just because they see an instrument. I took me till this school year to really understand the greatness of playing music it take time, people backing you up, and opportunity.

  11. I believe that one of the best things to give someone in need, aside from food, shelter, and money, is moral support. Mental health is so overlooked in today's society that everything in life can seem too daunting which can paralyze a person into a spiraling downward path. With constant support, motivation, and inspiration, a person in need- or any person actually, becomes enabled to do anything they set their minds to. Our donations to this orphanage could have sparked a match in a child's life that leads them to a better life and I think that's beautiful.

  12. Next to like water and food and all, i think that knowledge is pretty important, many of the poor people never have the chance to visit an expensive university or even just go to school. So I think thats definetly one of the most important things, because it may enable them to do what they actually want

  13. If i can give something to the less fortunate i would give them something that they would need such as food, clothing and many more items for them to use to just have a big smile on their faces. No one in this world should feel left out or ignored and if we think that we are "perfect" then help others become as perfect as you are.

  14. This video really showed how we can all help in our own little ways. No matter how small or big, as long as we stay dedicated to our goal for the people needing of our help, we can change the preconceived notion of how the world works and realize that we can make it better. Whether it is something as simple as listening to a friend’s problems or something as big as teaching people ways to live sustainably—the point is, these ways make changes, and that’s what the world needs right now.

  15. Myself and the other staff I work with are always coming up with ways to engage our individuals and one off the most successful ways has been through music. We work with the disabled community and some have been homeless, forgotten or are feeling disposable. We help them a lot through music, sometimes even using our own funds for things like tambourines. It's great getting them back in touch with happier times from their lives through opportunities they wouldn't normally have.

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