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William Barr confirmed as attorney general | Jabar Post Indonesia

The Senate confirmed William Barr as attorney general in a 54-45 vote.

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  1. cnn is a joke. acosta is a quack. time to destroy fake news. I think Trump should, when he's done being president, is to buy out CNN, call it TNN aka Trump News Network, and fire every single person in the company.


  3. It is incredible that democrats base could still believe that Trump colludes with Russia when an executive order on certain sanctions imposed in event of foreign interference in an election, issued on September 12, 2018 is precisely against those individuals and specifically to take from them all their money and avoid any help to them.

  4. Two very significant things (regarding Barr’s confirmation) that flew, unnoticed, under the news radar, are 1) Barr’s son has now been assigned to the WH, as a legal counsel to POTUS, regarding the Russia probe (which, on its face, seems VERY Suspicious, & UNETHICAL, as it appears the Barrs & Trump are attempting to set up a secret back channel, of communications, the motive of which appears questionable, at best. TROUBLESOME, or even wirse, AN ATTEMPT TO OBSTRUCT JUSTICE!

    …And to make matters worse, is, as CHRIS HAYES MIGHT CALL:

    “THING #2”) – Barr’s daughter (who is also a member of the Trump administration) has now been reassigned to The TREASURY DEPT’s FINANCIAL CRIMES UNIT!

    If the Barrs care about their family name, credibility, & reputation, as fair & impartial members of the Bar (no pun intended), they might want to assert themselves, from a “President”, who has long made a habit of inadvertently throwing his allies under the bus, by placing them in compromising positions that can set them up for scrutiny, and failure. William Barr & his son & daughter (all Trump administration appointees) would be wise to avoid both THE APPEARANCE OF A CONFLICT OF INTEREST (as well as POTENTIAL NEPOTISM) by looking toward the Nixon Administration, for precedent (& that administration’s many LAWYERS WHO WERE PROSECUTED DURING WATERGATE, for AIDING & ABETTING THE PRESIDENT IN THE COVER UP, OF HIS CRIMES).

    Whether it’s Justified or not, American Political dynasties (or the appearance thereof), in the long run, tend to damage the names & reputations of anyone appearing to game the system, or engage in secretive back room croneyism.

  5. They did it and all should be held accountable. CNN sucks. Now lets see what William Bar will make of it. A lot of conspiracy. How can you remove a sitting president , fools in conjunction with Democrats . Shut up and go home

  6. Barr is not an emperor. And neither is he above the law. He will have to work within the constitution perimeters. And uphold the rule of law. Therefore, Hillary Clinton and Coney has nothing to worry about.

  7. This pick by Trump for A/G might just turn out to be a bullet in the chamber, i didn't see any Democrat fucks whine too much about this guy Barr..that's not a good sign. Their M/O is obstruct whine and bitch none of it clearly visible here 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  8. So stupid to watch imbecile like Booker and kamala moron cross examining a titan like Mr barr.Can't wait for demonrats nomination and the icing on the cake will be the clean slate win of triumphant President Trump. Hope President Trump can prevent mass suicide.

  9. What happens when the FBI are the ones that Violated the LAW? Not the Agents but the top level Bureaucrats? Who protects Americans from these people? What happend at the top level of Justice is a Sin and I am Hoping the New AG can fix things.reining in Muller and bringing charges against every person that went along with McCabe

  10. You would think as long as this media outlet has been in business they would have the wisdom to swallow their pride and just admit that they got it wrong. Like an adolescent, they’re going To ride that bad decision out to the bitter end. Then try to cover it up like an organization with no integrity.

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