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What Should You Expect from Your Disability Attorney | Jabar Post Indonesia

When you hire a #SocialSecuritydisabilityattorney both you and your lawyer need to be on the same page when it comes to communication, case updates and case management practices.

As I discuss in this video, when I accept a new case into my office, I want to make sure that I can meet my client’s expectations. Social Security #disability cases take a long time – sometimes two to three years and, unfortunately, nothing much may happen in a case for months at a time.

I also point out in this video that while I would like to accept every case that comes across my desk, I cannot do so because I work on #SSD claims under a contingency fee contract. If it appears to me that a case has a very small likelihood of success, or if there will be no past due benefits from which I can get paid, I will have to decline representation.

I think you will find it helpful to understand what lawyers like me may be thinking when we evaluate cases and potential clients. I invite you to leave a comment below. #SSDIclaims #socialsecuritydisabilitylawyer

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  1. MR Ginsberg fell at work tore my rotater cuff 2 full tears have W C do they have to give me home health care can wc make me have surgery cant do it my self have a severe hip bone on bone and now my dominant right shoulder is torn or should I just apply for SSDI cant work is the the parking lot where I fell worth a 3rd party claim 54 yrs old 8g edc. heavy lifting job do not think I will be able to do that work after surgery what is my best option thanks for all your great advice it helps many folks GOD BLESS YOU SIR

  2. Mr. Ginsberg. First thank you for all your effort and help.
    In this video you mentioned a lawyer may not be well prepared for a case.
    What would you consider not well prepared? Reason for asking is that I have my hearing in April. I had to lower back surgeries, develop a dvt and had a lung embolism. Also suffer from depression and anxiety after my injury plus a nerve study showed I have nerve damage in my foot and leg. I see a therapist for my depression and anxiety ones a week for over two years now. Also had 3 epidural shots after surgery and be going to pain management for almost 2 years. My attorney met with me two weeks ago and said I have a week case and will probably lose. I kept him updated on all my medication list and changes all this time I always let him know what doctors I am seeing and when. Come to find out he did not request any statements from my treating doctors and he also does not think that my medication I have prescribed would make a big difference in my case. I am taking morphine, hydrocodone, Belbuca, xeralto, cymbalta. After watching many of your videos about what makes a strong case and after finding my evidence and facts are pretty much spot on with what you saying, start to worry that my attorney is not on top of his game.

  3. I just did initial application yesterday. Dx: Parkinson's, Spinal stenosis entire spine, dejen disc disease, multiple herniations, lumbar claudication, anxiety… I have watched tons of your videos, I used ur advice. I applied in person with all meds records & FCE, they didn't take it, so I'm going to mail it to the adjuster. I just can't trust the government is going to land all these records and I want them to see that FCE. Being a former LTD adjuster and workers compensation adjuster helped me understand what they need to make there life easier, I always would approve the case that was in order, slim time frame, I needed to approve claims, much faster than denials.

  4. This is awesome advice, as someone who was initially dropped by my lawyer for the dumbest reason. I filed in September 2016 and finally got my denial by April 2017. I went with a lawyer's office that's kind of well known. I always went to my appointments, kept in contact when my phone number changed, or I had moved, I wasn't a pest. I finally got my hearing date set for November 2018, and I got a letter from my lawyer stating they were dropping me in September 2018. WOW, I was shocked so I called and asked why, and the legal assistant told me that I had made 'too much money in 2017'. There was nothing I could do, so I looked at my tax return to see that I had only made a little over $5K for the entire year. It didn't make sense to me, but I digress. Luckily I found a new lawyer, we went to court in November, just got my Fully Favorable decision a few weeks ago. I wouldn't bad mouth them, but I wouldn't say anything good about them either because their reason for dropping me didn't make sense. Thank goodness for my new lawyer, and of course to Mr. Ginsberg because his advice in these videos is priceless!!

  5. I have my video hearing set for May at a Federal building far from me, video streaming shouldn't require me to go to the same location to see a judge face to face, streaming can be setup at any local office or court house.

    Since Anxiety doesn't let me drive very far, my Lawyer is picking me up, I'm the 1st hearing of the day for him then I have to wait for him to do another hearing before the drive home. Going to take about 4 hours for it all.

    My Dr. said, they don't want anyone to get it. He said I will. I think most of the proof will be ignored and they will come up with a reason to refuse me SSI.

  6. Thank you for clarifying the question I asked. If I may I have one more question. A lawyer called me because I guess from a form I filled out online. He said he would take my case and he asked me questions and said he would send me an envelope in the mail once I fill them out. My question is should I proceed this way and be happy a lawyer is taking my case? Or go somewhere where I can enter a office and hire a lawyer personally?

  7. Thank you your answer and your videos are greatly appreciated. Too bad your not my attorney I imagine you’ve learned how to get straight to the point and have gained great knowledge where disability cases are concerned. Thank you again!!

  8. Jonathon, frankly I do not know how a  SSDI attorney can take a case with a low fee of $6000.00.  My attorney had a top flight team of paralegals with 2 different specialists  in each of the 3 phases of the process  in addition to other help in the office.  The office overhead (rent, computers/software, employee training costs money.   Not many people think of the 2,5 years of work by the support staff.

  9. I have a question, Mr. Ginsberg, my case is up for review for the first time I sent my paperwork in back in October and my review is up in April!! Will I continue getting benefits if I don't hear from SS or should I call or what would you suggest? Thank YOu for your time love your videos!!

  10. We want videos on how you can work on diabilty !!! Disability is poverty we should be able to make at least 2.000 a month instead of 1.180 !!!! There's no one i know can live off just ssdi !!!!

  11. Thanks for posting these videos , i find them very helpful. I was scheduled for a video hearing, while i was sitting in the waiting room they hearing woman came and told us that the hearing was cancelled as they were having technical difficulties . I asked my lawyer how long till they rescheduled and she wasn't sure , that she would call me . I was just wondering if you had an opinion on how long it would take to schedule a new video hearing, and if there is anything i can do to help it go faster. I live in MA- it's the boston office.

  12. To Jonathan Ginsberg, Why is it that wealthy people can still qualify for SSDI. They already have tremendous amounts of money and a big expensive house. Why does the SSA have this in their rule system. From what I heard SSA is already strained financially. They can save lots of money by eliminating disability benefits to the wealthy. The wealthy always has had an advantage over the poor. Perhaps you should do a video on this subject.

  13. Mr. Ginsberg, I have a question regarding changing attorneys after the process has been denied throughout. My law firm stated that I only go if we win, and my case now has gone to the appeals board which according to you has a 2% success rate. My question is when is it time to start over rather than wait two years for a 2% success rate, or if I choose to change attorneys will I be charged rather than let them play this out perhaps two years from now? If I pull the plug and cheese to go with another attorney will they charge me because they didn't have the final say, or how does that work? Thanks for your advice always appreciated.

  14. What if you only speak to a "disability specialist" when you call in for status reports? They say they will call you but they never do. My case was denied despite it being a compassion application and is listed in disabilities POM. I am appealing and have asked several times about grid rules. They know nothing about them. Employer not able to accommodate me. I have tried in past to find other employment to no avail. I cannot work, yet Disability said that was the reason for deny. They think I can work. My doctors say no and have written letters in support of not working. What do I do? It was August 6, 2018 since my last day. Do I get a direct lawyer instead? Please advise.

  15. i'm still waiting for my hearing but a lawyer has been helping me out before she helped me schedule the hearing with the form. She also helped me file for reconsideration before that. When should I ask her to represent me? Should i wait until the hearing date is scheduled?

  16. Hello Mr Ginsberg, thank you for your very informative videos. I’ve seen almost all your videos but don’t recall seeing one on hearing loss as it applies to SSDI. If you haven’t done one, will you at some point?

  17. Jonathan, do you take cases in Illinois? I first applied for SSDI over 1 year ago using the company Allsup that was no help to me. Two application denials and an unfavorable hearing decision..
    Anyway, I reapplied for SSDI in March. This time I am looking for an attorney to represent me. In regards to the question, what can I expect from and SSDI attorney? Can I ask an attorney what tests I should have done and what specialist I need to see in order to strengthen my case? Can I ask an attorney what specific outcome I should seek or expect from the tests & or the specialist that that would be most effective in strengthening my case? Also, even though another hearing is quite a ways down the road, thinking ahead, I'm wondering, can I ask an attorney to help me word my testimony to make it most effective for a hearing? I'm interested in anything else you'd like to add in regards to what I could expect from and SSDI attorney through the 2 application steps and or hearing. Please and thank you. Mike

  18. My daughter was approved for disability in 2008 after Trump was elected she received a letter from an ALJ stating she was healed from epilepsy & no longer eligible for benefits & was cut off all benefits. She went to sleep Thanksgiving night Nov.22 2018, approx 1 & 1/2 yrs after receiving the cutoff notice she never woke up again! She went through several jobs & was working 2 part-time jobs at the time of death. I know the majority of jobs she was terminated from. The death certificate states the cause of death determined by the coroner was "Epilepsy/Complications of Epilepsy. Please point me in the right direction as there doesn't seem to be 1. The entire case was in Indiana, I reside in Hawaii & do not have an agreeable relationship with her sons on this matter & it does not appear they are interested in this case other than for money.
    Please help me with any options open to me? Thank you for all you do to assist people,God Bless you & yours & enjoy the upcoming Holiday! [email protected]


  19. Jonathan- I had my hearing on 5/21/19 and check status online and it states: “ A medical decision has been made and we are working to process your decision”. Can my attorney check the decision outcome in the system?

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