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Turning Magnetism Into Electricity (Electrodynamics) | Jabar Post Indonesia

Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of matter that has a property of electric charge. In early days, electricity was considered as being unrelated to magnetism. Later on, many experimental results and the development of Maxwell’s equations indicated that both electricity and magnetism are from a single phenomenon: electromagnetism. Various common phenomena are related to electricity, including lightning, static electricity, electric heating, electric discharges and many others.

The presence of an electric charge, which can be either positive or negative, produces an electric field. The movement of electric charges is an electric current and produces a magnetic field.

When a charge is placed in a location with a non-zero electric field, a force will act on it. The magnitude of this force is given by Coulomb’s law. Thus, if that charge were to move, the electric field would be doing work on the electric charge. Thus we can speak of electric potential at a certain point in space, which is equal to the work done by an external agent in carrying a unit of positive charge from an arbitrarily chosen reference point to that point without any acceleration and is typically measured in volts.

Electricity is at the heart of many modern technologies, being used for:

electric power where electric current is used to energise equipment;
electronics which deals with electrical circuits that involve active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, and associated passive interconnection technologies.
Electrical phenomena have been studied since antiquity, though progress in theoretical understanding remained slow until the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Even then, practical applications for electricity were few, and it would not be until the late nineteenth century that electrical engineers were able to put it to industrial and residential use. The rapid expansion in electrical technology at this time transformed industry and society, becoming a driving force for the Second Industrial Revolution. Electricity’s extraordinary versatility means it can be put to an almost limitless set of applications which include transport, heating, lighting, communications, and computation. Electrical power is now the backbone of modern industrial society.[1]

Most of our energy isn’t generated chemically like in batteries or by solar panels. Whether, it’s coal, gas, nuclear, wind, or water power; it’s generated by magnetic induction and governed by Faraday’s law from electrodynamics.

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Crash Course on Induction:



Advanced Theoretical Physics (eBook):


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Michael Faraday:

Faraday Experiments:

Wind Farm:

Hydroelectric Dams:

Coal Plant:

Nuclear Plant:

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  2. You can have a magnet without electricity but you can’t have electricity without magnetism being involved.hmmm..which came first?.the chicken or the egg 🥚?😂👍🥚

  3. 6:37 Why did you put a question mark for uranium nuclear power plant? What makes you think that we are unsure about them? For my perspective, it is obvious it is the worst pollution of human kind.

  4. Recently at work, I did a course about electrodynamics and was reminded of current in a wire creating a magnetic field around the wire. That made me wonder how the moving electrons create that field and why it is not there when 1) there is no electric current or 2) I'm moving along with the electric current. But my physics book did not give an answer which was highly disappointing. So I spend about a month searching online trying to understand where magnetism comes from, but that proved surprisingly difficult. I had to read up on angular momentum, relativity and a lot of quantum theory and finally came to the conclusion that apparently magnetism is just as fundamental a property of an electron as is its mass and electric charge. But I still haven't the feeling that I truly, fundamentally understand why or how this magnetism emerges when the electron moves and why or how the magnetism disappears when the charge is standing still. I'd really like your take on this, Nick, but I am afraid that I'm looking for such a fundamental comprehension of magnetism that perhaps it's a bit too fundamental to capture in one of your videos.

  5. A repeat my answer, given to someone below here too for others maybe wondering/thinking about the first section of the video.

    A changing magnetic flux induces voltage first (EMF) and if the circuit is closed (electrons can move continuously) then current will flow: charge will move due to voltage difference – an induced electric field which actually a "curled E" as opposed to a "static E" usually created by non moving "q" (charge).

    In the video and in the wires in field part this is not explained. There it says: changing magnetic field induces current or moving the wire in the magnetic field (which also means changing magnetic field/flux), which is "indirectly" true, but really that part assumes, that the circuits formed by each wire are closed. So the induced EMF/voltage will immediately cause the current to flow in the second (here moving) wire too. In the first wire, it also has to be some EMF/voltage source causing the current in a closed circuit. The video and the explanation are still correct as:

    – it focuses on just the wire sections or infinitely long theoretical set

    – leaves some part of the process for the "student" to think about as later induced voltage is explained, so the "student" could make the connection him/herself.

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  7. Maxwell built a generator that spun continuously once started that produced a voltage at the outer rim of a round copper plate sandwiched between 2 ring magnets and drove a generator which also produced an electrical output but he never pursued it. In the 1980s Bruce de Palma perfected that setup at got 10 kv from that similar setup and he pursued it and died shortly after after releasing his plans to the world. Seems like a generator will also produce electricity if the magnet and copper are spinning together. Good video keep up the good work.

  8. El salto de un electrón y el movimiento de los electrones de capa a capa interior a exterior es por lo que se produce en el alambre la fem, el movimiento entre capas atrayendo y repeliendo el imán es el efecto de inducción como bien dices qxv pero el efecto de inducción repelente atrayente también se puede hacer con corriente continua

  9. The only thing I don't understand is why the motor you have built works, spinning in the same way all the time.
    If the current is DC, it should flip turning up and down all the time until gets balanced with the ring perpendicular to the magnetic field.
    Why does it work? Is there any "escobilla" on it? How can I say "escobilla" in English? Anyway please give me an explanation of it.
    Thank you so much your channel is great 😀

  10. Thanks for the great video. I am confused about one thing though: so at 1:46 wires push each other because of same charge. But how then pushing the cable away from the other cause current? Or how come direction of the push does not matter? AFAIK, magnetism were related to the distance between things? Shouldn't you push it towards the another? Excuse my ignorance.

  11. Now how to do it and put the Lorentz force to constructive use. Need more than 2 wires in a purely linear relationship though.
    Not saying nuthin bout ‘free’ energy bullshit, just how to harness the ambient potential to supplement the process ‘SEEMINGLY’ for free.
    Enough ambient energy from matter and the medium of the ‘plane’ our solar system exists within (or ‘upon’)

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