Top 14 Factors for Cheaper Car Insurance | Including the Pro's and Con's of Black Boxes | Jabar Post Indonesia

Top 14 Factors for Cheaper Car Insurance | Including the Pro's and Con's of Black Boxes | Jabar Post Indonesia/a> – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about car insurance .

The following is Top 14 Factors for Cheaper Car Insurance | Including the Pro's and Con's of Black Boxes. And for those of you who want to find a similar explanation, you can search in the Insurance category

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Top 14 Factors for Cheaper Car Insurance | Including the Pro's and Con's of Black Boxes | Jabar Post Indonesia

Vehicle insurance (also known as car insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance) is insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Vehicle insurance may additionally offer financial protection against theft of the vehicle, and against damage to the vehicle sustained from events other than traffic collisions, such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage sustained by colliding with stationary objects. The specific terms of vehicle insurance vary with legal regulations in each region.

This is even better than a Top 10, it’s a Top 14! Car insurance is one of those things that seems to go up year after year. This video shows a little of what insurance companies take into account when charging us our premiums. Hopefully you also pick up a few legal ways to get the lower premium!

00:41 – Occupation
01:44 – Mileage
02:29 – Driving History
03:26 – Age
04:05 – Experience
04:51 – Address
07:17 – The Car
08:09 – Named Drivers
09:38 – Insurance Excess
10:57 – No Claims Protection
12:43 – Pay in Full
13:37 – Black Boxes
17:12 – Tracker
18:51 – Pass Plus

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  1. Thanks for letting everyone know about your own experiences. These threads help everyone to pay a little less. Shopping around is very important, but try and get quotes about a month before renewal. Leaving your insurance "shopping" to the last few days can also cost you more! Ashley.

  2. Last year when I renewed my insurance, I got a reasonable quote from Admiral so decided to ring them and go ahead with it. However when double checking the personal details they, had put my surname as Baker when my surname is Jordan-Baker. After correcting it on their system it saved me £50!

  3. I’d like to add a comment on the black boxes. I had one for first year of driving and found out that the map the insurance company had of speed limits was sometimes out of date and would be penalised for speeding, even driving under the signposted limit. Ended up having to learn which roads the insurance company had wrong and drive at the limit they believed it to be (normally 10mph less than signposted). Driving 10mph slower than cars around you can also be dangerous.

    The box also couldn’t cope with roads with variable speed limits e.g. around some schools that had 20mph limit for morning and afternoon commute and 30mph rest of the day. The box would just assume 20 all day everyday.

    However the tracker feature of the black box was useful as the app would tell you where you parked your car

  4. Got my insurance renewal quote in yesterday and noticed a small error in the vehicle description, the vehicle type stated that my car was an AWD model yet my car is FWD only. I checked the model type from my V5 and found the details on the V5 to be correct, I phoned the insurance company and pointed out this minor detail, they did a quick computer search and told me they get their details for the vehicle from the DVLA website and stated the details they had given were correct.
    I then made contact with the DVLA who then changed the AWD to FWD on their website. I then again got in contact with my insurance company telling them that the DVLA had corrected the cars details, I then received a new quote for renewal which was £70.00 (20%) less than the original quote. I will be checking all details from now on as that £70 is better in my pocket and if an accident occurred the insurance company may not have paid out due to wrong model type on the policy. Please check all details on your renewal .

  5. No claims protection is totally worthless, it only comes into effect once a claim has been settled which can take years, in the meantime insurance companies will load your insurance until the claim is settled, total waste of money that offers no protection.

  6. One major factor in car insurance price is what day and time of day you buy said car insurance. If you buy car insurance in the middle of afternoon, late morning (not dinner time) in the middle of the week. It is much much cheaper. I saved £300-400 doing this.

  7. don’t know what black boxes these are but all the ones i looked at before i got myn had no curfews, no fines only reduced bonus mileage at the end of the month if you go over the speed limit.

  8. Thanks Ashley for another great video.
    A few of my learners have found that a slightly larger car, but with a small engine is cheaper to insure than the normal small hatchback. Two examples, a Peugeot 309 1.3 about half the cost of a 106 1.1, and a Focus 1.4 only two thirds of the cost of a 1.2 Fiesta.
    Best one though was the lad who inherited his Grandad's Proton. He paid less than half what any of his friends did for their Clio/Corsa/Fiesta/106, etc. Probably no record of a young male ever crashing such a car. After a short time of his mates all taking the mick, they then realised it was more comfortable, quieter, and more reliable than any of theirs. So check out the unusual when searching for a car.

  9. the best advice ever – dont buy a car then. Buy a motorbike. Its cheaper on everything. I paid 175 quid this year to insure three motorbikes. Why would you pay 5 grand a year to sit in traffic all day when you can zip past it and hit 60 mph from a standstill in under 4 seconds?

  10. Hi Ashley. Interesting to hear the views on black boxes. We had them on both my sons cars when they passed. The first one was brilliant and in fact when he had a minor bump one evening ( clipped a kerb and got a puncture) they followed up with a phone call the next day making sure he was okay. The second one was a completely different story, with constant emails and threats to with draw insurance even in cases where he was only making good progress. Finally, they lumped and extra cost on because they forecast he would exceed his mileage by the end of 12 months. On balance, if you can possibly afford it I would say avoid them. The second one we had seemed to be a licence to make money.

    I am an ex ADI and IAM member and I have now managed to get them a good comprehensive cover by me being the policy holder and my sons being the two named drivers. A route that has got the cost down although I wonder if my sons will qualify for NCD being just named drivers with one of them being the main driver. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this.

  11. Just to add, with some insurance it's true that if you say you park on a driveway or side of the road infront of your house, it reduces the price rather than saying garage, mind dropped £200 in total like this

  12. If you really want cheaper car insurance, take and pass a Road Smart driving assessment and become an Advanced driver. And use a dash cam, it records any incidents and will also record your own driving too. Oh, and maintain the driving standards…

  13. My insurance was due to renew thus June. Whilst shopping around I contacted my insurer directly as I'd seen a lower quote coming up, and managed to knock off over £200 per year for the same policy! My advice would be to always shop around.

  14. I'm an apprentice mechanic, paid £2500 on a 2008 1.4l petrol Peugeot 207 with a black box when I was 19, I had a 4k mile limit for the first year and the device was extremely sensitive and it sometimes would make it more dangerous to drive as I was far more concerned about my speed than what was ahead of me and resulted in several near misses and every time I started to build up a really good score (i got some money back every quarter if I got a high score) any time I slammed on it almost completely dropped my score back to the neutral zone for the quarter and my daily score would be red (red Orange and green score tiers) the times I had to slam on were often because I was looking at my speed too often. would have been £3500+ without box 🙁
    Thankfully, I'm on my 3rd year of driving and without a black box costing me shy of £1300 with 2 years ncd which is not bad (I'm 21) and I feel much more aware now that I have gotten rid of it and gained a lot more experience being able to drive further

  15. Couple of notes, 1) in most cases third party fire and theft is cheaper for new drivers. 2) adding name driver can actually increase insurance. 3) shop around, you can save yourselves hundrets and in some cases thousands of pounds on insurance.


    Am on smart miles black box company am a male had a lience for about 5 months I've owned my 1.6 seat leon 2007 for 4 months and pay around £1700 PY and am 17, the company is broken I can brake normally the app then says I've been driving badly also about a month after I got insurance by them the app stopped working so i had no idea what score i was on if you go under 40 points they give you a warning which some how happened to me after about a month after the app stopped working even tho am a good driver !! This company is broken they sent me email in a very horrible manner saying how I drive dangerously and that I need to improve or they will cancel my insurance, no wonder they have 1 star out of 5 on overall reviews also I heard my friend tell me his sister was insured by them she went on holiday for a week and they sent her the same email as me even tho none had driven her car!! I also checked insurance for Golf R for when am 18 as theirs no harm in looking all insurance companys gave me £10,000 quotes which is understandable but smart miles gave me a quote for £1500 on a super hatchback 300+hp on a 18 year old Male how does that make sense ?!?! THIS COMPANY IS A COMPLETE SCAM PLEASE AVIOD AT ALL COASTS!!

  17. If you've made a claim in the last 3-5 years don't tell the price comparison site you're using (personally as a 21 year old who's been driving 2 years was the cheapest) always ALWAYS search around as though you haven't claimed THEN admit you had a claim on the insurance provider's site as you can retrieve the quote from the comparison then edit the details afterwards.
    I bumped into someone, had to claim and saved a few quid doing this. My mate was crashed into and saved quite a lot when I showed him this as he likes having bigger engines (2.0 TDI).

  18. I insured a 2019 seat Ibiza fr sport for 1k a year without a box as a driver with 6 months experience so I thought that was quite cheap? Black box’s are not worth it and are usually a scam

  19. My insurance was cheaper parked on the road than on my drive way, however it didn't make a lot of difference because I still pay £1800 on a 2017 fabia with a 1.0tsi with a bloody black box

  20. This is all the fault of those damned accident claim companies and the 'claim culture' they have cultivated. I have even seen their adverts at our local A & E. One scratch which in old days would have been "okay sorry mate" few pounds exchanged and visit to local motor factors to buy a spray can. Today that scratch is like countdown to a NASA space mission. Whiplash, backpains, time off fro work, solicitors, investigators, maybe even courts. By end of it the aggregate cost will have as many zeros as a NASA space mission. I passed my test in 1982. Never had a single accident. Never been involved in a claim against or on my behalf. 57 years old. Yet my premium is enough to go toward a deposit for a house purchase? Why? Because I live in the wrong post code. Insurance companies need to get a grip and not punish us for wrong of others.

  21. A change in address and overnight parking saved me close to £400! I moved from a high risk area to a new settlement and also indicated I park my car at my workplace during the night as I truly do work nites most of the time. In the past I indicated I parked at home.

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