The Impact of Kevin Harts Car Crash in CA | Jabar Post Indonesia

The Impact of Kevin Harts Car Crash in CA | Jabar Post Indonesia/a> – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about car insurance .

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The Impact of Kevin Harts Car Crash in CA | Jabar Post Indonesia

Vehicle insurance (also known as car insurance, motor insurance, or auto insurance) is insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. Its primary use is to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and against liability that could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. Vehicle insurance may additionally offer financial protection against theft of the vehicle, and against damage to the vehicle sustained from events other than traffic collisions, such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage sustained by colliding with stationary objects. The specific terms of vehicle insurance vary with legal regulations in each region.

Here is why even Kevin Hart might be filing a lawsuit against the builder. I don’t see much success nor do I see a lot of changes to the car world resulting from this. I forecast a lot of lawyers getting paid and Kevin Harts insurance company’s policies all paying out to their limits as well as possibly him paying some nuisance money to make his fake friends go away forever until they sell their book rights.

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  1. The problem in this case and everything else in California is CALIFORNIA!!! Stupid unconstitutional gun laws, stupid inexperienced driver's thinking they're in another fast and furious movie, stupid liberal people blaming everyone for there problems except the one to blame (themselves). Remove California from the United States and that would elemenate 50% of the problems in this country. NYC would be the other 50%.

  2. If I was driving his car all that would have happened would be he shit his panties no roll over and his friends would have done the same if you can't drive a bad ass car pay some one to hey I need some money wife has cancer and had to adopt the grand kids I'm 59 and had some bad ass car's back in the day OG car man keep it real . From your friend Beaver Weaver

  3. Did you get permission from Kevin hart to publish this video?
    I take this as your invading his personal life, by putting this out there. If you don’t have filings in hand what gives you an authority to speak on this subject?

  4. I heard about this incident but I have no idea who Kevin Hart is. Never even heard of the guy.

    Edit: I just looked up his movies. No wonder I have never heard of him. Looks like pretty low budget, low talent material.

  5. You are using the logic of a normal person and I agree I work on boats but the rest of the world has been taught to take no blame for their own mistakes! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!😉

  6. Yeah have a roll cage in traffic no helmet get hit in the side is not going to be a good combo.The car hobby in Cali is slowly dying and where is SEMA thought they were supposed to fight for the Hobby.

  7. It's the freaking COUNTY's fault for not having proper guard-rails !!!! HUGE ONES !!!!!AT LEAST 7FEET TALL!!!! we can all find SOMETHING to blame that is NOT really to blame , but like any movie ,we will make the blame fit the ASS-UMP-TION .

  8. Only a Fool would Purchase that Over Powered Cuda.. Less Check the Safety Features in the Specs.. Roll Cage 0.. Traction control 0..Air Bags 0.. Safety Harness 0.. Kevin Hart : I'll Buy It.. LLS 🤣😂

  9. Unfortunately he can sue the tuner u can say the acedent wouldnt have happened without it being tuned just same reason alot of places wont sponsor local race cars because the driver can sue saying he wouldnt of had the money to race and get in a wreck if not for the sponsor

  10. I couldn’t care less about what happens to Kevin, so believe me when I say, I’m not sad he’s going through this. But, that blue Plymouth ‘Cuda on the other hand… I feel like it didn’t deserve that.

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