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The best ways to pay back your student loans | Jabar Post Indonesia

In finance, a loan is the lending of money by one or more individuals, organizations, or other entities to other individuals, organizations etc. The recipient (i.e. the borrower) incurs a debt, and is usually liable to pay interest on that debt until it is repaid, and also to repay the principal amount borrowed.

The document evidencing the debt, e.g. a promissory note, will normally specify, among other things, the principal amount of money borrowed, the interest rate the lender is charging, and date of repayment. A loan entails the reallocation of the subject asset(s) for a period of time, between the lender and the borrower.

The interest provides an incentive for the lender to engage in the loan. In a legal loan, each of these obligations and restrictions is enforced by contract, which can also place the borrower under additional restrictions known as loan covenants. Although this article focuses on monetary loans, in practice any material object might be lent.

Acting as a provider of loans is one of the main activities of financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies. For other institutions, issuing of debt contracts such as bonds is a typical source of funding.

Americans owe more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt. Here’s how to pay yours back faster — explained with dominoes.

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  1. Since the money "lent" was created out of thin air with the fractional reserve system, or was borrowed by financial institutions at zero interest, why not stimulate the economy by forgiving all student loans? Isn't there some way the Federal Reserve can just press their "Print Mo' Money" key to make this happen?

  2. Sorry, but I've decided to just default. Why should I have to pay back "currency" that the bankers just printed in the first place? Seems a little unfair that they can just print money out of thin air and I can't. Why is it that past generations got free "grants" for university, and yet I'm now expected to pay extortionate taxes to finance their retirement? Keep whatever amount of compounding debt you like on your books – I've made it my life's mission not to pay a cent back. Screw you bankers!!!

  3. I am a undergraduate sophomore in college. I am 5 credits away from being a junior. Can I start paying of the interest rates now while I'm in college, so that when I graduate, I can consolidate just the principal debt.

  4. Imagine someone with an unsubsidized loan takes this advice and have massive original loans earning interest while in school. Lets say that person an afford to payback some money while in school and calls the lender and ask that the money be applied towards the principal and not the interest. Once that massive loan goes into repayment all that interest is merging with your original loan amount. People really need to talk more about capitalized interest and what events causes interest to capitalize. You imagine having a balance of 100k earning interest fir a couple of years, or even the six months during grace, capitalizing on top of that 100k? You could easily end up with thousands of dollars being added to your original amount.

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  6. get the lowest payment possible and pay more. allocate to the disbursement(s) generating the most interest (and it's not always the highest interest rates) you can call and have your servicer set it or go to their website. btw your servicer can help you understand the loan and pay it off if you don't call in being asshole

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