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TEDxManhattanBeach – Linda Reinstein – Turning Anger Into Action | Jabar Post Indonesia

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that develops from the thin layer of tissue that covers many of the internal organs (known as the mesothelium).[9] The most common area affected is the lining of the lungs and chest wall.[1][3] Less commonly the lining of the abdomen and rarely the sac surrounding the heart,[10] or the sac surrounding the testis may be affected.[1][11] Signs and symptoms of mesothelioma may include shortness of breath due to fluid around the lung, a swollen abdomen, chest wall pain, cough, feeling tired, and weight loss.[1] These symptoms typically come on slowly.[2]

More than 80% of mesothelioma cases are caused by exposure to asbestos.[3] The greater the exposure the greater the risk.[3] As of 2013, about 125 million people worldwide have been exposed to asbestos at work.[12] High rates of disease occur in people who mine asbestos, produce products from asbestos, work with asbestos products, live with asbestos workers, or work in buildings containing asbestos.[3] Asbestos exposure and the onset of cancer are generally separated by about 40 years.[3] Washing the clothing of someone who worked with asbestos also increases the risk.[12] Other risk factors include genetics and infection with the simian virus 40.[3] The diagnosis may be suspected based on chest X-ray and CT scan findings, and is confirmed by either examining fluid produced by the cancer or by a tissue biopsy of the cancer.[2]

Prevention centers around reducing exposure to asbestos.[4] Treatment often includes surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.[5] A procedure known as pleurodesis, which involves using substances such as talc to scar together the pleura, may be used to prevent more fluid from building up around the lungs.[5] Chemotherapy often includes the medications cisplatin and pemetrexed.[2] The percentage of people that survive five years following diagnosis is on average 8% in the United States.[6]

Linda Reinstein became an activist when her husband, Alan, was diagnosed with asbestos-related mesothelioma in 2003. In 2004, she co-founded the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO), where she continues to serve as Executive Director. The mission of ADAO is to be the voice of the victims, uniting individuals and families worldwide who have been affected by asbestos-related diseases.

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  1. Linda Reinstien is a FEAR MONGER and doesn't really understand ANYTHING about Mineralogy or about the 2 different groups of Asbestiform minerals. The fibers she showed have no relation to serpentine, on to Amphibole asbestos. She does to inflate her own ego, not because she loves and misses her husband.

  2. I can't beleive that any human being can be so insensitive towards another. No matter your thoughts or feelings, towards a subject, to say, as if you had any kind of knowledge or fact (which you don't) that she didn't love or miss her husband, scrapes below the bottom of the barrel and clearly shows your lack of knowledge and obvious ignorance.

  3. The term asbestos comprises a group of fibers amply distributed in nature. There are two main called serpentine (chrysolite, most widely used) and amphibole. In studies with humans, Crocidolite is the most dangerous form and amosite seems less carcinogenic and does not seem to influence the source of mesothelioma.

  4. I was looking for TedTalks about healthy mind and body and found this little gem. I have little knowledge about asbestos but the fact that it took her husband away from her family is devastating. I congratulate her on her advocacy and showing people that they can make a difference in their community via social media and visiting congress. Thank you.

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