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Taking back money from a charity organization? r/AITA 3 | Jabar Post Indonesia

A donation is a gift for charity, humanitarian aid, or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including money, alms, services, or goods such as clothing, toys, food, or vehicles. A donation may satisfy medical needs such as blood or organs for transplant.

Charitable donations of goods or services are also called gifts in kind.

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  1. I don’t think charity guy was the asshole, it’s not in good form to respond like that when someone donates to your cause, no matter how little. He says 5$ isn’t much, but it’s fairly generous in comparison to what most people would spare in these situations.

  2. S1: NTA. It’s called privacy and his so called friend doesn’t know what that means.

    S2: NTA. Something is not right when they start getting mad over you giving less than what they wanted.

    S3: NTA. Don’t talk shit about others when you are a shitty person.

    S4: NTA. They were shitty roommates. Find some dirt on them that would get them kicked out of the dorms.

  3. Also if the person uses there name as there username that could effect there employability because most employers do a search on your name before they hire you if they find inappropriate material they are probably not hire you

  4. For anyone who can't be bothered to Google it: to say "thank you" in ASL, hold your hand straight up with your palm facing you. Hold the ends of your fingers against the front of your chin, then tip your hand down as if to hold something in your hand. It looks sort of similar to blowing a kiss. Happy signing!

  5. Why the hell should you allow someone else to use your name?
    We have been married 40 years and neither of us would use the other's name.

  6. I used to give $20 a week to a charity which was A LOT to me at the time. I did that for a while until one day I received a phone call from them, the guy asked me to go up to $30, which I could NOT afford. He was extremely persistent and said “oh come on, it’s just the price of drinks out with the girls” EXCUSE ME!!?? I don’t drink alcohol at all and this $20 was hard enough as it was as I could barely pay my bills.

    I just can’t stand when people assume things like that about a person.

    I don’t like confrontation but thankfully a month or two later my card expired and they didn’t have my new card details. They sent me SO many letters asking for my new details.

    I don’t care if I were the asshole in that situation to be completely honest and the me of today would have 100% complained, I still regret that I didn’t.

  7. Good GOD that third one was written so badly it was beginning to piss me off! You can't possibly go through life long enough to procreate and not know how to spell words we see every day. Throwing random E's in shit left and right! How?!

  8. The charity issue sounded like a possible scam, but if not; a simple thank you should have been granted.

    The girlfriend was right in telling her b/f about sister and her husband. Now if family members are ranting about something of other blood, keep it between yourselves.

  9. In response to the guy and the deaf charity person, no, he is not the asshole. At all. Whether it was a scam or not. She's deaf, not mentally ill. When someone acts like that and doesnt bother saying thank you or show even a tiny bit of gratitude, they're the asshole. Take your shit back, and give it to someone who will appreciate it.

  10. No amount of money be it .25 cents it’s insulting. You’re literally giving away money that you may have worked for.
    So no amount of “free” money is insulting. And 5$ as a student is quite a lot.

  11. Honestly, this deaf donation story is likely to be a scam (edited cause I wrote fake). I've had something similar happen (but to help deaf/ mute, not just deaf) , but I just put my name on it without realizing I had to give im money, because situations like these give me anxiety, and my brain gets foggy. After approaching me as if he was collecting donations for a group of people he is part of, and after realising that I done fu ked up and had no money with me, proceeded to TALK and harass me about going home with him or in the city, or give him my number –
    Until I told him I was underage. then he preached about saving yourself to honor god and asked me if I was still a virgin sooo, not the plot twist I imagined but at least a way to say goodbye in a "nice" way on my behalf. People are fu king wild mate, stay safe out there. (Telling them how old you are doesn't always help so be careful with that too. I didn't think about that during this conversation, but I guess I was lucky)

  12. BF's sister might have been hinting she should be paid.
    Also, deafness is now considered a culture. You don't usually find people asking for charity just because they are culturally different. I think that one was a scam.

  13. First story: I think you should seriously rethink your friendship to that guy. He was clearly trying to set you up for something, and I'd bet money he went ahead and used your name anyway after being told no.

    Second story: Nah. Fuck that charity bitch. If she's gonna pull such a nasty attitude were eté⅞p when the guy was actually donating, then he is totally entitled to get it back. She was a grade A cunt, $5 is a pretty big amount to give to a street collector.

    As for the third girl, dunno, I think what she did was expected behavior. However, I will say that I hope she never has to help her kid with their spelling homework. Yikes…

    Fourth story: This exact same thing happened to me. I moved across the country from Seattle back to SoCal cuz my friend promised me I could rent his spare room when I got there. Literally the only reason I felt encouraged to go was knowing I had secured a place. Well, when I got there, he said "lol nah I turned the spare room into an office for myself". Hadn't bothered to tell me anything, he had said "can't wait to see you, roomie!" the night before I left my former home. I had nowhere to go. NOWHERE. I was completely fucked. This was someone I'd known for 15 years, I considered him a friend. We spoke all the time, even after I moved from Los Angeles to Seattle. Not anymore. I never got to enact petty revenge, either. Fml.

  14. NEVER give any money to an individual seeking donations as it may be a scam, and the point is: who knows? I only give money directly to the organization (if I'm on board with what they are doing) and I never give money to an organization that is not transparent with exactly they do with the money. Period. I'm a retired blue collar worker that gives approx. 10% of my social security check monthly to the charities I believe in ($50 to St. Jude's, $50 to Shriners, etc.), plus I've remembered them in my will. But someone coming to my table while I'm eating? NEVER!!! I don't know if I would have taken the money back, though. If you were convinced they were legit enough to fork over $5, perhaps you should have let them keep it, whether your feelings were hurt or not. Just sayin'…

  15. The one about the roommate pulling out of living with the guy, as Judge Milian says, "Say it forget it, write it regret it". Once it's in writing its legal as long as it is reasonable.

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