Mueller report: attorney general barr gives press conference – watch live | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Mueller report: attorney general barr gives press conference – watch live | Jabar Post Indonesia

William Barr holds a press conference to discuss Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election.
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  1. Im bewildered by the fact that they made this thing almost 3 hours long when the conference is only 20 mins long. Sheer the public away from watching it because of intimidation? And why is The Guardian the top YouTube result? Only gets fishier and fishier

  2. You pathetic losers went after a man who holds the most powerful office on Earth and lost. You were always going to lose but you were to dumb to know how dumb you are. Now a guy way smarter than you is ready do deal with you asshats.

  3. Wonder why people are suprised. The president is not guilty. The whole point of this exercise is that the most entitled human on the planet lost to the ginger bread man. And that cannot be allowed. In the past the Victor's wrote the history and now we have the losers writing the narrative. This is nothing new. From brexit to Trump the losers will never accept that too much liberal b.s and witch-hunting leads to a reaction in society where even decent people will end up being fed up and vote to balance the direction of politics and society.

  4. Poor dems suffering from TDS can't handle there was no "collusion" so what do they do? well they spew "cover up" Barr is trumps hack. Barr is covering for the president. The insanity just keeps on giving. I'd like to ask scientists to please find a cure for stupid dems need it bad. I really pity them and want a cure found soon. Please Help!

  5. The mysterious bearded-man : He is a former Black-Ops specialist, an expert in close-combat using his body and/or weapons, a current CIA-asset, holds a masters degree in personal-protection, carries a fully-automatic mini-UZI….and yeah, he has orders to use deadly-force if ANY unauthorized persons get within arms-length of AG-Barr!

  6. Man, Barr really sticks it to Rod Rosenstein. Listen to Barr and you would believe that Rosenstein was the one who suggested that Barr tell a pack of lies about what was in the Mueller report. I haven't seen that even mentioned in the mainstream media. I guess we get to find out what he was thinking at this moment when his book comes out next year. Seems like Barr wanted to make sure Rosenstein spends the next two years denying he wrote Barr's summary.

  7. After reading only parts of the muller report, I can clearly see, that Trump on did try to obstruct the investigation & the worst part is? He did it for himself not the American people, also because of Trump, many witnesses took the 5th, remember when Trump said "if your innocent, then why are you taking the 5th. The most shocking of all is every single thing he said was disgraceful of what Hilary Clinton did Trump has now done, but far far more. Then he called Obama lazy because of the number of times he would golf, Yet Trump has nearly tripled the amount of times he has played golf, costing tax payers millions, all for Trump to have fun on the backs of the working, tax paying people of America.
    Then we have Trumps promises, promises to release his tax returns, yet 2 years later he still hasn't released them, at one point he said that his tax returns are so complicated that the Democrats are not smart enough to understand them & that they should except the 100 page draft he made of his tax returns as they would make more sense.
    Trump is a cheat a conman, he is the type of person who takes credit for other peoples work & I can't wait for him to be removed from office upon Losing the 2020 election, only then will we know exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes. The Whitehouse is so full of curruption it may take years to root out the corrupt & do what Trump wouldn't do, drain the swamp.

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