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MUELLER HEARING: House Judiciary Committee Part 1 | Jabar Post Indonesia

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House Democrats are planning to turn former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s highly anticipated congressional testimony next week into a marathon string of hearings, setting the stage for what could be hours of back-to-back questioning by dozens of lawmakers in public and closed-door settings.

A number of details, though, were still being ironed out, with the scheduled appearance just a week away. Lawmakers met later Wednesday to try finalizing the structure of the politically charged hearings, but said afterwards that discussions were “in flux” and some sticking points may not be resolved until the day of the hearing.

This is what is known so far: Mueller, who was subpoenaed last month, is set to appear July 17. The plan is for him to testify in public before the House Judiciary Committee for two hours or more, followed by another two hours-plus of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee in an open setting.

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  1. They talked about Mueller than act the same hell the man 78 years old Lord you don't say the same look how dumbass chunk trump act like a 3 year old Trump don't even know where daddy was born at

  2. Why is it SO hard for these idiots to understand that, while Trump wasn't indicted under the Mueller investigation, he's still being investigated. Mueller didn't indict ONLY because he's a sitting president. Hopefully, once he's out of office, hey be indicted.

    I've read the report and most of the Republicans "questioning" Mueller, weren't actually questioning Mueller, they were testifying.

    Trump wouldn't even testify. After he's out of office, he won't have a choice.

    God, does Ohio breed all idiot politicians? Jim Jordan – what an ass. Sherrod Brown and Mike Dewine belong on the short bus.

  3. This sounds like a "Tribunal" not a "Hearing" held by the congress of the United States. What are We doing? We are allowing Our Congress to conduct a "Tribunal" against Our President!

  4. Everything the Right questions is a fact about the report. Everything the Left questions is an attack, an emotional evaluation. Mueller stumbles over the questions the Right asks and he substantials the the Left asks. He has been coached and is acting like he is "Out Of It". The Left keeps giving Mueller akolaids to build up their grounds to impeach the President. What are they trying to do? No question about what they are doing. This is just an ACT!

  5. Mueller found 10 acts of obstruction of justice by the president. Too bad that a sitting president cannot be indicted for that. Presidents can only be impeached. See Richard Nixon, who had to resign after the impeachment proceedings had started.

  6. Ha ha ha what a joke the USA is!! Complete time wasting by a complete incompetent , time wasting, senile, lying Wueller!! Nothing will be done it’s all for show!! Joke the USA is absolute joke !!!

  7. If Trump said he never wanted Mueller removed, then why do they say Trump wanted him fired.. Trump had nothing to hide, so he never said such a thing as having Mueller fired.. But we know Mueller had a lot to hide about himself and was really trying to cover his own butt..Democrats committed crime with other countries and against USA and that is why they want to remove Trump

  8. Notice he has answer when asked by the democrats but the when asked anything from the republicans he cannot answer them. Hmmmmm. Very typical and very shady. Even if Mueller was fired there would have been someone else would have took his place. The Dems are trying to make it look like the whole investigation would have been stopped. Who the F cares?! It's all the democrats on the team it would have only been right to have someone who wasn't a democrat leading it. It was all a one sided investigation from the beginning of this farce.

  9. WHAT?!?! ARE YOU KIDDING??? DO THESE IDIOTS THINK WE ARE FALLING FOR THIS SHURT.DOES ANYONE ELSE SEE WHAT BS THIS ENTIRE THEATRICAL FARCE IS??? ObviouslyEVERY FRIGGIN NA__I UP THERE HAS BEEN READING NADLRS SCRIPT. EVER HEAR OF “LEADING THE WITNESS”. Ms Robi just tripped him into saying “we altered the report because …” OMG this should be called Nadlers puppets , You can HEAR that lil pos in every word coming out of each and every one of them. Mueller is CLUELESS about all of it. THIS IS AN INSULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE. These people are STUPID. I FOR ONE AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE OLD CRONEY SICK SOBs setting the expensive stage that we are paying for only to THINK THEY ARE PULLING IT OFF CUZ WE JUST STUPIC OUT HERE jn the real world. I MEAN PLEASE, TELL ME NO ONE ELSE IS EVEN SLIGHTLY FALLING FOR ANY MINUTE OF THIS Ndler SHOW. These are HIS WORDS AND NO ONE ELSES and I don’t even know any of them personally but I KNOW BS when I see it.

    Tell me why we aren’t suing these knuckleheads for all those wasted tax dollars just to cover A xitches crimes. funny how they will give up their reputations jobs, basically they will give anything up that jezeb__l tells them to…they mustve been bad and someone has the dirt on it ya think.

  10. This is about …….but he can not answer question regarding the Validation which is all being projected to our Current President. What Horse S t! But more than willing and recalls answers every Democrat question. He his implicating himself on bias….

  11. Thank you Mr. Johnson, my sentiment exactly. Summary, No conflict of interest, or Bias? No Exact there there! But a TON of Money to be had milked from us the People, that screams Collusion!

  12. Destruction of Property that would impede obstruct investigation, pertaining to EVIDENCE, of one being Implicated, but No one is above the Law? We demand accountability! Which all emails support collusion!!!! But given ahead of time along with a long list given Immunity before they Testify ? Who in the history of this Hell has gone this and attempt Project obstruct Justice 2 our current President for Impeachment, they r Derranged! I would have fired Comey!

  13. So the second person to speak that defended Trump clearly states how Volume 2 of the report is about things that could have happened but there was no evidence to charge anyone and is primarily based on Mueller's interpretation of information. Volume 1 of the report is what the results of the evidence actually supported.
    If you notice, all the Democrats/ dipshits refer to Volume 2 for their questions as well as quotes and the Republicans refer to Volume 1 ( the facts) for their questions.
    Also, Mueller constantly has to check on the wording used in the report when answering the questions which makes it pretty obvious that (A) he did not write the majority of the report and (B) The report was written to word things in a way that did not give a straight answer and Mueller couldn't necessarily be charged with lying under oath. The majority of his answers he states that he would have to refer to the wording in the report.
    If this were a court hearing I would bet that ALL of Volume 2 of the report would be thrown out. You could basically object to every question that the Democrats asked.
    This is kind of ridiculous. What is also ridiculous is the amount of people who were fooled by this report and use it as their reasoning for calling for impeachment.

  14. As I have said before, if they were truly interested in the truth they would of have lying specialist, body language specialist and every one investigated hooked up to technology that can detect the truth from a person so you would have men and machine ,therefore there wouldn't be no questions asked as to who is telling the truth, at the same time saving a whole lot of money and time, but hey, am just saying, you know ….

  15. Why should we trust Mueller? He lied about weapons of mass destruction, and it is proven due to the possible meta data upload speeds of the time, that it was a leak, not a Russian hack, and besides, it is not Russia gate, it is Isreal Gate if you want to be specific. Cyber security back doors of our governments data is the more prominent riskto our nation…

  16. This report was nonsense. It appears the point was to get Trump instead of the truth. Then when they failed to get Trump, chapter 2 was written using news reports to destroy Trump’s reputation. Prosecutors don’t decide guilt or innocence, they prosecute. And their was no evidence of a crime. If there was, they would have went after Trump in full force. This report was an insult to everyone’s intelligence

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