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Mezzanine Financing Explained | Jabar Post Indonesia/a> – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about Mezzanine.

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Mezzanine Financing Explained | Jabar Post Indonesia

In today’s video we talk about mezzanine financing and how real estate investors and mid-market companies can structure a financing deal to better control cash flows in the short term. The key takeaways from this video are;

– Mezzanine debt costs less than equity
– It provides more flexibility than senior debt and rarely needs collateral
– A combination of senior and mezzanine debt offers the best way to leverage your ROE and reduce your cost of capital

RBC Leveraged Finance

CIBC Leveraged Finance

Reading Materials; Bond Capital offers a great resource covering the basics of mezzanine capital with the same example I covered in this video. Check out their site for more info!

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  1. Very useful video. Thank you very much for posting it. Just one question from your slide…
    in the 5y $10k loan example, how do you arrive at the Interest figures? for e.g year 1 figure of USD 1523, thats not 15% of 10k as one what would expect. Similarly how do you arrive at 1568 for year 2? Would be great if you elaborate.
    Thanks again!

  2. Hi great video, just had a question at 10:30. The pictures show senior subordinated debt as mezzanine – the debt component is clear but where is the equity component? Is there a warrant attached to senior subordinated deb? Thanks

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