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Mark Cuban: Only Morons Start a Business on a Loan | Jabar Post Indonesia

In finance, a loan is the lending of money by one or more individuals, organizations, or other entities to other individuals, organizations etc. The recipient (i.e. the borrower) incurs a debt, and is usually liable to pay interest on that debt until it is repaid, and also to repay the principal amount borrowed.

The document evidencing the debt, e.g. a promissory note, will normally specify, among other things, the principal amount of money borrowed, the interest rate the lender is charging, and date of repayment. A loan entails the reallocation of the subject asset(s) for a period of time, between the lender and the borrower.

The interest provides an incentive for the lender to engage in the loan. In a legal loan, each of these obligations and restrictions is enforced by contract, which can also place the borrower under additional restrictions known as loan covenants. Although this article focuses on monetary loans, in practice any material object might be lent.

Acting as a provider of loans is one of the main activities of financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies. For other institutions, issuing of debt contracts such as bonds is a typical source of funding.

June 14 (Bloomberg) — Entrepreneur Mark Cuban discusses the U.S. Economy and starting a business with Trish Regan at the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Trish Regan and Adam Johnson provide actionable insight on the capital markets daily with regular segments such as “Chart Attack,” depicting likely market moves before they happen, and “Insight & Action” which explains original trading ideas that can make you money. In addition, “Street Smart” is filled with breaking news, political analysis, and market-moving interviews with exclusive guests such billionaire investor Carl Icahn, hedge fund titan Bill Ackman, automaker Elon Musk and more.

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  1. The problem is that if your start up business fails then you will have to pay back asap (with interest) the bank or person you owe money to. As opposed to starting a business where you use your own money, which means that there are no strings attached.

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  3. I love how people who've never started businesses before think they know more than a successful buinessman billionaire. As someone who has started multiple businesses since I was 17, I completely agree with him!

  4. Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "what do i need to start a pool hall" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Fensaiah Conavid Review – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  5. I think if you can figure out how to start a business without a loan, thats great. But if you need money and can get a loan… do that. I think the important thing is to learn from what you've done. Think Big Mothafuckas.
    I also think a person needs someone to bounce ideas off of. Preferably someone that thinks big. limited thinkers will only rebound limited ideas. also… dont listen to anybody. every time someone tells you something its tainted. find solutions. only listen to this if its the soulution to your problem, otherwise its just another problem.

  6. Weird, i read a book called “rich dad poor dad” and it said debt is money. The author said borrow someone else’s money to make more money for urself. Like he borrowed 40k from a bank to buy a property, then sold it for 80k in less than a week.

    I borrowed money to buy a house, the house doubled in value. I sold it and bought 2 more houses. 1 i live in an 1 i rent out. I pocketed 200k cash. All i did was borrow lol.

  7. So true Mark, I started a business the first five years on a loan, and it was hell making the payment. I have just finished paying off a $150k loan. Now everyone and there brother want to become partners, nope ! been there and done that . Now going corporate!

  8. So true! I've started a small business with only a few hundred dollars but had people on the internet say "you need at least $5000" etc, if you're smart and resourceful you can leverage what you already have.

  9. I usually like most of what Mark Cuban says but this statement about starting/growing a business from a loan is "moronic." Unless I somehow missed the ton of investors standing in line to get equity in construction, lawn care, small retail, medium sized manufacturing, and other small service oriented businesses that comprise the majority of business and employment in America?

  10. Dont take advice from a billionaire they are very selfish take advice from a millionaire how the fuck you gonna start a business with no loan . You did not answer the question where you gonna get the money from???

  11. The only reason i now have three different successful business was because of the bank loan which i had to take when there was no one to support me financially. Thank you so much dear bank.

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