MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT: KUTA BEACH in Bali, Indonesia // 184 | Jabar Post Indonesia

MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT: KUTA BEACH in Bali, Indonesia // 184 | Jabar Post Indonesia/a> – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about Indonesia expecially beach in Bali.

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MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT: KUTA BEACH in Bali, Indonesia // 184 | Jabar Post Indonesia

My first beach experience in the famed Bali has disappointed hugely. From what I hear, most other beaches in Bali are better than Kuta Beach. I sure hope so because the water pollution on Kuta Beach is literally nauseating.

Bali, Indonesia is a place most have heard of and it makes you think of luxurious exotic beaches and gorgeous green rice paddies. I’m thankful my stay in Indonesia can extend to 4 weeks so I can find what millions of visitors love about this place.

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  1. Heartbreaking. Humans are destroying the Earth. I've actually decided to quit travel (for the most part, I might do trips closer to USA in countries known for better trash management). I feel I can live more sustainably and in balance with the earth if I stay home and work on an environmental lifestyle.

  2. Kuta beach is only for seeing sunset. Because the water is not clean. If you want to enjoy the beautiful of Bali, you must go to Nusa Penida or Pandawa beach or Nusa Lembongan, etc:)

  3. its not clean, because to clean it doesnt bring money …

    as long the tourist come all good, or not??? (sarcasm)
    it would change when the tourist stay at home, but this will not happen…maybe in ten years when you cant see after a heavy rain the sand anymore under the rubbish. Then maybe, but i dont think so. Honstly…Bali is LOST!

  4. everybody throws rubbish there cause there is already so much. did you ever try to change an old (indonesian) mind??? just forget it, throw your stuff also there and drink some bintang, hear loud music, do party and give up.

    its fuckin sad, but thats everywhere the same. we´ll pay the bill later (our children), but for now we just give a shit of everything. Disgusting…really!

  5. I was in Bali in 1999. Beaches was as dirty back than too.
    So I'm never going back!
    I recommend Thailand and Vietnam in South East Asia, much nicer and cleaner. Also more safe I think.

  6. Menyedihkan banget pemandangannya, gue sampe gak sanggup ngeliatnya. Ayo dong bikin viral video ini biar pemerintah pusat dan pemerintah daerah segera bergerak mengambil tindakan.

  7. Me and my wife honeymooned in Bali for 2 weeks (1 week in Singapore) back in 2012. As soon as we got off of the plane-at around 8 PM-and headed in to collect our luggage, 2 strange Balinese men looked at us and collected our luggage without us asking. Being travel ignorant and exhausted from the long flight at the time we thought it customary, although strange. Only to find out that when we neared the exit, said thank-you, and proceeded to ask for our suitcases back, they wanted money in return and refused to relinquish our property unless we paid them 80,000 Rupiah (the equivalent of about €5.00) each. Luckily airport security happened to be walking by and swiftly shooed them away. The 2 men proceeded to follow us out to the parking lot, tailing us all the way to our private hire cab before dispersing. Before the trip we had arranged for a private tour guide through the hotel we were staying in. He was extremely intimidating and aggressive the entire time throughout. He would call our hotel room (how he got the number, I can only imagine) and attempt to up-sell us on outrageous "safaris" and "elephant riding adventures"; getting noticeably irritated when we turned them down. We opted for a day-long driving tour through the hotel. Our guide was a nice enough guy, but you could tell he was over it all. Our day consisted of being swarmed by beggars everytime we so much as exited the vehicle, being hounded by panhandlers trying to sell us makeshift trinkets carved out of wood and bracelets, residents burning trash in the streets, an elderly female shop owner scratching my wife's neck to all hell as she aggressively tried to wrap a cheaply made shawl around her head (against her will) shouting ''Look good! You buy! Good you!'', men leering at my wife, and stupidly overpriced, shady looking ''street delicacies' (simply looking at them could incite gastroenteritis). Romantic walks on the litter laden beach were constantly interrupted by desperate stall owners sauntering over trying to sell us random junk. Waiters were constantly trying to flog higher priced menu items and became agitated when we turned them down or when the tip we left wasn't to their liking. When we transferred over to an exclusive "private resort" for the last 3 days of our trip, we were picked up by the same abrasive guide initially assigned to us. He was clearly vexed that we hadn't taken him up on any of the extortionate day-trips he'd been relentlessly trying to push on us during our stay. The drive to the next resort was roughly about 2 hours, during which the guide proceeded to ignore us entirely and have a full-blown conversation with the driver in Balinese; this despite him being fluent in English. The entire time I was on the edge of my seat ready for anything, terrified that me and my wife were being driven out to a remote part of the jungle to be robbed and murdered. Meanwhile my wife making loving googly eyes at me the whole time (lol). We eventually made it to our next destination alive and in one piece-after having our vehicle thoroughly inspected for explosives and stowaways by heavily armed guards- only to discover that the "luxurious 5 star private resort" we had been sold on, was nothing more than a dozen or so decapitated huts with thatch roofing plopped in the middle of the jungle. I didn't sleep for the entirety of the stay; kept awake by the giant tarantulas leisurely crawling across the ceiling, the amazonian sized insects flying around the room and deciding to nestle in with the Mrs. and I in bed, the mini-monsoon that coincidentally landed the first night's stay threatening to tear off the roof, and the wild monkeys trying to invade the place, scavenging for food. Every guest was strictly allotted 2 eggs minimum at breakfast (my wife ordered pancakes which were the size of silver dollars), and a can of Sprite roughly came out to about 60,000 Rupiah. On the day we departed (exhausted), we decided to grab a bite at a Burger King randomly located right outside the airport thinking, "Hey! We've managed to fend off food poisoning since we've been here. How about a burger to lift our spirits before our flight?". We excitingly ate, and subsequently, excitingly contracted food poisoning almost immediately (lol). Feeling generally unwell, sweating profusely, suffering from chills and stomach cramps, we slowly walked up to the ticket counter-buttcheeks clenched-only to be greeted by a surprise "Airport Tax" fee. Like a big middle finger from the country saying, "Thank-you for coming. Oh, and by the way, fuck you!". Me and my wife are normal, hard working middle-classers; far from rich, wealthy, 1st world problem douchebags. As such, we have normal standards. We'd specifically saved a portion of our wedding loan to pay for our honeymoon (as most couples do), and were just really surprised by the rampant poverty and societal chaos. Couldn't help but feel sad for the Balinese people there who legitimately loved their country and were trying to promote and share their culture, warmly welcome visitors, and make changes in their communities. But couldn't help but loathe the locals I saw literally dumping garbage into the street, intimidating tourists, aggressively making advances towards unsuspecting women, and contributing to the country's decline. I don't know if it's changed since then, but Bali for me, was nothing more than a glorified and sorely overrated, giant tourist trap with a beautiful backdrop (and I'm sure a genuinely sound people) marred by poor sanitation, a lousy government, blatant ignorance, crumby economy, and failing infrastructure. My first breakfast in Singapore the morning after we landed; a plate heaped with nothing but scrambled eggs.

  8. The indo government and balinese in particular are doing and have done heaps to address the rubbish issue. But as a traveller i've been there 4 times and going back again for the 5th time next month, I love Bali, love Indonesia and the people in it. I already have the best beaches in the world here in Aus, but bali has some of the best people in the world!

  9. typical of many 3rd world countries. Since Indonesia got independence the place has been run by the military. They maintain a large military and cannot organise garbage collection in their cities and towns. Rubbish is dumped everywhere. Then there is rampant gov't corruption also.

  10. The Salesman. Taxi drivers….scammers… are everywhere and the harassment level from them is truely unbearable. I can't handle it, last night here in Kuta one salesman grabbed my arm and tried to pull me into his shitty shop when I politely said no thanks. Walk 3 metres and its the same story.

    This is the most beautiful place I've been but I will never return for the reasons above, impossible to fully relax and have a good time with these scum bag rats everywhere.

  11. Actually, Bali now did a clean up and look what happened! This beach turned into a spotless one! When i went there on 19 June 2019, i didn't even saw a spot of trash. You should go now and even the water is much clearer! Bali did a massive clean up! Hope you get this message to all who was looking foward to go to Bali. Bali now cleans the beach every day in the morning

  12. You should have visited Suluban Beach , Padang Padang Beach to experience so clean beach with crystal clear water .. But recently KUTA beach is cleaner than before … Visited there recently ..

  13. Yeah that is so disappointing, there local government needs to take better care of the beach, AND people visiting need to respect the island more.
    The govt. Sold there soul for money

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