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Lawyers Who Defended Monsters Speak Out – AskReddit | Jabar Post Indonesia

Lawyers of Reddit, at what point ,when working for a defendant, did you realize, ìMy Client is a Monster!î?

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Lawyers of Reddit, at what point ,when working for a defendant, did you realize, “My Client is a Monster!”? from AskReddit

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Lawyers and attorneys of reddit share horrific stories about crazy clients. They talk about the most sickening criminals they’ve come across.

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  1. In my early 20's I ended up in jail a lot. Mainly because of probation violations from a felony I received for a party that turned into basically vandalism with breaking and entering. It didn't feel like it though, felt like we were just having fun in a track field. But people did get into an annexed building and I don't know what happened beyond a bookshelf being knocked over, but I ended up with the brunt of it all. I was given the chance to turn in the others to save myself, which is how I ended up there in the first place. I was turned in by someone else to save himself and it worked for him just fine, except nobody in the small town I was from ever trusting him again. Anyway…
    I was a bit of a kepto at the time. When I got my felony when I was like 22 or 23 I was pretty much over it. I never did any huge burglaries and kind of had a stupid morality about it. Never take from people was the basic rule, only companies. Most of this was in my teens, I was never caught in my teens. (And I was completely sober, I didn't drink or anything until I was married at 18…. don't get married at 18, just felt rushed into doing all the things your supposed to do after highschool. College? Check… Marriage? Check… House? Nah, apartment though. Insane wife who was 10 years older than myself and had a bad habit that continued well beyond me of meeting someone while she's with a guy, telling that guy that the person she's with is abusive and convinces said person to help her get out, usually having them move in with her, and then she repeates. (I met her that way, and after the guy who helped her steal everything I owned found himself with a very abusive and manipulative person. He literally just left her in his apartment and tracked me down to apologize and tell me what she did to him. It was like listening to a mirror.) Point is, I wasn't smart but had a stupid idea of being an adult and knowing everything that I naively ran into anything as if I owned it.
    Jail was interesting. In my opinion, most of the people in there posed no threat to society. In fact, it gets real upsetting know of people who really do deserve to be in there but they can afford lawers or simply have the means to never have to pay for their actions. It's so long ago now that I can't remember a lot of why many were there. Weed was the most stupid of course. And my hometown had way way way too many police. The jail was populated mainly with people from my town even though there were much bigger towns in the county. Only difference was I was in a tiny town with a huge police force. One of which was someone I went to high school with who after that first incident, would just take me in whenever he saw me. So I ended up in and out of my local jail like every other month until I moved out of that town.
    So, there was this pedo… (Took a while to get to this part, but it may add context and I really really wanted to say all that, so HA!)

  2. 2:00 "she was just trying to help them be healthy and beautiful" Sounds like a pro-ana case. Like she was trying to force being thin on her own children, maybe she couldnt be thin herself or she didnt want them to become "fat" , therefore, she starved her kids. That repulsed me.

  3. Ugh, the cat one realy got to me. Wish I wasn't a visual thinker. Same with that guy in jail for child molestation, and going straight for the kids the moment he gets a semblance of a chance. I personally think the death penalty is too merciful. Where I live, there's this mix between a prison and mental institution that can effectively serve as a real life sentence, none of that 30 year crap either. You can actually be in there until you die. You can get released if you can be a functioning member of society, but it's a life sentence if you can't. We send pedophiles there, for example. I say send the perps of both of these there, and make sure they get the max sentence.

  4. The lawyer's wife who watched the video should 1) be ashamed and 2) not post this stuff on the internet. Her husband was in serious breach of confidentiality laws and she's going to get him in trouble. (Which, frankly, he should be, because we have those laws for a reason.)

  5. I don't think these are real. I tried googling multiple cases and can't find anything that coincides with these. It's some sort of reddit/creepypasta mashup

  6. Regarding the female who was stabbed in the neck while neighbor sings Amazing Grace.

    In the last month I've called the police about 15 times give or take. Every time I called they spent so much God damn time drilling me about what my address was, to which I had to explain it wasn't at my address. I had to tell them who I am and so many stupid things before I could finally tell them what little I remember about whatever happened despite how hard I tried to recall everything!
    I remember telling myself what color shoes, pants, shirt, skin, what kind of hair or hat, any tattoos, what they were doing, why, where they were going or heading, trying to describe the street because I don't know what streets are what and I'm moving soon so there's no point in memorizing something that won't be relevant ever again.
    But the point is, they waste so much time asking questions I lose 90% of all the useful information I tried so hard to remember and they're basically on the phone with a frustrated bumbling idiot!

  7. Why am I barely seeing any comments about the dude who got hit over the head with a metal bat and literally eaten by 2 dogs for a whole ass week 😶😶

  8. Video sounds legit.
    I was studying Political Science in my early 20's. I decided I would continue on to law school. I was so stoked on being this hot shot Black female criminal attorney. The media glamorizes Law and Order and etc. Thought I would be writing wrongs in stiletto heels and such. Shallow af. Then I started networking with older Male Criminal Lawyers who showed me their world of cases. Told me my temperament was too tender and innocent for this sh*t…. I then knew it was not for me. These stories are exactly why I decided to change career interests and pursue my second interest in the Engineering fields.

    Being a criminal lawyer will cause you to drink or emotionally ruin you lol.

  9. oh neat! my English teacher used to work as a lawyer too, specifically for the 'bad guys'. She was amazing, kinda weird though.
    Liked to tell us, she had money and knew people when anyone tried to act up. But she had the Declaration of Independence printed with the Simpsons on it so it's okay.

  10. My dad’s wife abused my dad, my sister, and me for years financially, emotionally, and physically (my dad). My dad didn’t want me to go to court because I guess I legally wouldn’t have much weight on the case. My sister apparently was balling on the stand, begging for them to keep her away from us. She lied on the stand, got caught, but it didn’t matter. The judge apparently was know for never, ever separating people. After the court adjourned, my dad’s wife’s family was laughing at my sister and talking about how they knew they would win the case. I’m not really a violent person, but the rage and sadness on my sister’s face as she screamed at this monster made me almost kick her ass right then and there, along with the rest of her shitty family.

  11. This is one of my most addictive channels, if I can suggest one topic it would be to ask medical workers and mental health works if they have encountered anything supernatural and what so. People have heard of lots of supernatural things happening in hospitals but nobody has talked about residential treatment centers. The stories I’ve heard are jaw dropping, especially from physiologists, quite frankly I think it would shock most people.

  12. i just woke up and feeling all hungry then i stumbled to this video and watched it while waiting for my breakfast. Now i sit here infront of the table staring at my meal while imagining a blinking guy with no flesh in his face because his two beloved dogs ate them…. the fuckkk

  13. Woe woe woe unto ye lawyers
    Woe to scribes and pharacees
    Woe to workers of iniquity
    Woe to the shepherds who are destroying and scattering the sheep of My pasture!
    Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions, So as to deprive the needy of justice

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