Lawyers' Most Badass "I Rest My Case" Moments In Court (r/AskReddit) | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Lawyers' Most Badass "I Rest My Case" Moments In Court (r/AskReddit) | Jabar Post Indonesia

Being a lawyer must be very taxing, but moments like these probably make up for it. Hope you like these “I rest my case” stories from Reddit lawyers.

The best responses and top posts from r/Askreddit – Lawyers of Reddit, what’s your best “I rest my case” moment?

Watch them all:

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  1. Not a lawyer but a professional witness. Local Authority prosecuting letting agent for false advertising and I have taken photos of the relevant signs. Pre-trial defence argues that some signs are not relevant and persuade our lawyers to remove them from evidence. I'm in the witness box and defence lawyer asks to look at my notebook. Then manages to introduce into evidence not only the ones they wanted dropped but others we had not included. Largest ever fine on a letting agent up to that time.

  2. As a Canadian with less Spanish than in the US, I completely forgot Cinco de Mayo was on the 5th of May, so I really got curious as to what all that long back and forth was about with that last post until the complete release of tension in which left me laughing my butt off.

  3. dear lord ty beard needs to post on this after the vic case cause hes already got golden ones like;
    "what do you think of these tweets you made?"
    ron replies "i dont remember making those 300+ tweets"

  4. Water is not wet, for an object to be wet its molecules must not connect with each other. Water on the other hand only mixes with itself. I rest my case.

  5. 8:41 You can have a tattoo saying “I murdered John Smith at 9pm on Saturday with a knife that I hid in the Bin in the living room, then snuck out through the bathroom window” and it wouldn’t prove anything.

  6. LMFAO!!! Like Lawyers don’t coach their clients on what to say. For a lawyer winning is everything even if they have to lie through their teeth. If Lawyers never lied there would be no defense Lawyers. Source: a family full of Lawyers.

  7. Not a court case, but….
    I was 15 at the time and my brother 17. One day he's out shopping with our mom and dad, I'm home alone when his GF calls. Apparently, he's been avoiding her for a couple of weeks now, and she really wants to talk to him. I promise I'll get him to call her. She seems dubious about my promise, but takes me at my word.
    About an hour later, my brother and my parents arrive home. They just begin to settle into their usual places in the living room when I mention my brother's GF called. I explain that she seemed very upset.
    My brother takes the bait and asks why she was upset.
    "I'm not sure, she didn't say. But she I could tell she was crying and seemed awful upset… um… something about a… did she have a pet rabbit?"*
    My brother FLEW to the phone. My parents were floored; both horror and askance written all over their faces. Then my parents saw the evil grin on my face – and so I let them in on the joke fairly early. Soon, we were all laughing, except my brother.
    And when his GF figured out how I got him to call, she was laughing about it too.

    *Some of you old timers might have to explain to the noobs what the deal is with the rabbit.

  8. The cinquo de mayo thing could have been toughened out. Just tell them you don't do that much extra business and / or maybe got a family member to help that you didn't need to hire specifically. Not taking the owner's side, but there is plausible deniability.

  9. "5mph over is probably just a fine and a few points, 17 over is possibly reckless driving depending on the officer's discretion" "posted speed limit was 50mph" Really? Where I live, it's pretty common to go 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit depending on the type of road. A fine for 5 mph over seems super petty to me. If it were a residential road that'd be different, but if a residential road had a posted speed limit of 50 mph i wouldnt want to live there.

  10. Can you not just READ the damn script, instead of having some stupid electronic voice mispronouncing, and going way too fast? I didn't even make it all the way through the video, I was so irritated.

  11. I love these ASkReddit stories but I take them with a grain of salt. I'm not saying I think that "What did your lawyer tell you to say?" (The truth) "Then the prosecutor was disappointed." is a made up old story but this is probably the 3rd basic version of that story I've seen on videos like this.

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