Lawyer & Teacher Leave the City for a 5-Year Van Life Adventure | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Lawyer & Teacher Leave the City for a 5-Year Van Life Adventure | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Boulder & Pie are two wacky best friends who decided to travel around the world together in their DIY camper van conversion. We met them at a Go-Van El Campo van life meet up in BC and spent a few really fun days & nights hanging out with them, getting to know them, and enjoying listening to their live music performances.

You can follow their adventures on YouTube and Instagram here:

Tao of the Weird

They have a beautiful outlook on life, and they are inspiring in their adventurousness.

Boulder was a music teacher in Boston, and Pie was a lawyer in Florida, and they decided to quit their jobs to prioritize long term travel in while living in a van for 5 years, which breaks in between trips to work and earn money.

Their DIY camper has a small kitchen, though they mostly cook outdoors. They have auxiliary batteries that charge from the van’s alternator, a Berkey for fresh water, and two benches to store their stuff and plenty of space to have friends over.

For sleeping, Pie typically sleeps on the bench, and Boulder sleeps on the floor in a tiny cave-like space created by the bed slats.

We love these guys and hope we can meet up with them on the road somewhere soon 🙂

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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Music & Song Credits:
Live music in this video was performed by Pie and Boulder from @taooftheweird

Recorded music in this video was composed, performed, and recorded by Mat of Exploring Alternatives.

Editing Credits:

Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credits:
Mat of Exploring Alternatives

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  1. Now this is real bromance. And EA that must be the first video where you actually spend more time talking to the owners than showing their van lmao, but it's so interesting as well I loved hearing what they had to say, they look so kind!

  2. Hi I am planning to go around the world with a bus (I don't have it yet, driving license ether, because I am only 17 ) so this is just a dream yet Is there any way to travel to the USA and Canada from Hungary?

  3. Inspirering. Life is so sort to be stuck in a situation that's not making one happy! The younger generation are recognising this, and not wasting their lives on a 9-5 job. Good for you lads, enjoy every moment, be safe, stay focused and don't forget to check in with your family once in a while! Happy travelling😃

  4. This was one of the most uplifting and refreshing videos I ever saw. The relationship between two men only . Wish more guys out there were like that with other men. Instead of the encouraged hook up with a woman do the same get married and so forth. So common and status quo..If those fellas have or start a channel on You Tube.I’d be one of the first to subscribe and fallow Great presentation..

  5. Why just five years? DO you still feel the need to conform to society's expectations after a period of time? Is this like a time out and then back on the hamster wheel? I don't understand…

  6. Video VERY WELL DONE !!!! I’ve been subbed and watching for YEARS and enjoying every minute of it. Stay safe and hope the two of you have a healthy happy holiday season. ❤️❤️

  7. This was great.
    I would love to go on an adventure like this with any one of my great friends.
    As a fellow musician, the musical aspect was especially appreciated. Music is magic, and musical collaboration is pure bliss.
    Thanks for another great video.

  8. I love how people point out the "masculinity"issue… As I just see two human beings doing something they enjoy. I know in this day and age, humans have to subscribe to political and social labels or else they are deemed ignorant or a nazi…. That is my main reason for wanting to be a nomad vanner, so I can just keep to myself while the rest of society continues down the path of divisive rhetoric of racial and gender based groups and classifications that "society" must live by these days… Fuck that… and good for these two…

  9. Why are all these adventurers are young folks under 40 looking? Is this a phase for them? What do they see themselves long term? Seems like they aren’t talking about that.

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