I Filed An Insurance Claim On My $3,000 Ceramic Coating After My E55 Was Hit. Here's What They Said. | Jabar Post Indonesia

I Filed An Insurance Claim On My $3,000 Ceramic Coating After My E55 Was Hit. Here's What They Said. | Jabar Post Indonesia/a> – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about Insurance companies.

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I Filed An Insurance Claim On My $3,000 Ceramic Coating After My E55 Was Hit. Here's What They Said. | Jabar Post Indonesia

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After a $3,000 paint correction and ceramic coating on my 2003 E55 AMG, lots of bad things happened to my car. I ran over concrete, someone scratched my front bumper and to top it off a guy in a pickup smashed into my car. The insurance company isn’t treating the ceramic coating like a normal aftermarket accessory so in this video I show you all the damage done to my car and update you on exactly how a major Insurance company deals with things like paint correction and ceramic coating. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not fun.

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  1. I would have just paid my deductible and went through my insurance and had my insurance get repaid from his insurance and give me my deductible back so I could go get the required repairs and the ceramic coating. You screwed up by accepting the check you will be paying out of pocket for your repairs now.

  2. Ceramic…"generally made by taking mixtures of clay, earthen elements, powders, and water and shaping them into desired forms using heat". I'll bet a pound to a penny there isn't any form of ceramic on your car. I'm not taking a pop at you personally, but companies who call a coating "ceramic" are talking utter bollocks. Detailing is fast becoming a way of parting people with their money just to make their cars shinier than the next youtuber. I've seen detailers polishing exhausts under the car….seriously????? Drive it down the road and it's filthy again in 5 minutes. And who the hell pays to have their exhaust polished????? A fool and their money are soon parted.

  3. We were hit in our Infiniti g35x which has ceramic on it and we were able to get it covered. The body shop told them that they needed to fix the car to the original way it was before the accident.

  4. Insurance is technically supposed to cover expenses and repairs to bring your vehicle to the state it was in before the accident, if you car had paint correction and ceramic coating etc they should most definitely be paying for it. If you have records of the expense to you they should be covering it up front not making you jump through hoops.

  5. When both our cars were stolen on Christmas Day last year we had about £750 with of coats and baby seats etc so £1000 worth of stuff in each car which they wouldn't pay for. So I can see why they wouldn't pay for a detailing job because it's not necessary, like a £700 coat.

  6. If you call your insurance to report a bumper scrape after it was left in a parking lot, does it show up on a report and bring the resale value down after it’s fixed by the insurance?

  7. After being hit by a red light left turner, I mentioned to the other insurance company that i had just had my car (2017 c43 coupe) detailed, paint corrected, and coated, and that repainting of the fenders, replacement of hood and bumper would not restore my vehicle to condition it was in before the accident. They asked for a receipt of the work, and sent a check home for the entire receipt $750. When i took the car back to be corrected in just those areas, the shop charged $250. Soooo… it was a win?

  8. This is why you don't ceramic coat your paint. It can't be fixed without major work that costs more then simply getting the clear coat polished or repainting the panels. Ceramic coatings are for show cars or cars that will never be susceptible to paint damage.

  9. Yet another reason to not have children. I would rather put petrol in a C63 than have to drive around in a C220 CDI like every poor sucker here in UK. Fuck that.

  10. I had a 2015 Dodge Dart that I aware was cursed aswell. Nothing but problems when I got it, till the day it died. I had couple fender benders, slid on ice into my roomates hyundia santa for I'm the driveway, hit a huge pot hole that blew my passenger side tire and bent my rim. Then just near the end of last year after I had gotten a new vehicle and my girlfriend took over the dart not even 4 months later she was rear ended on the hwy by a truck travel at 100kms plus luckily there we no major injuries but the car was completely destroyed there was no longer a trunk and the back seats were pushed up to the front seats. After going through insurance we got more then what we expecting to get. I also had after market rims that were on the vehicle during the crash as I had my factory rims off due to being bent from the previous year. I got more from my insurance with the aftermarket rims then I would of if I just had the factory rims. I paid 1200 for the rims tires sensors etc. a year prior, after the crash got an estimate for the value of the vehicle for payout got a price of 15876 I had realized that I had my aftermarket rims on when I called back to readjust the specs they came back with an extra $1000 for the aftermarket rims.

  11. Why should an insurance company be on the hook for a ridiculous estimate if the job can be done at a reasonable price? If you pay 3k for a coating, thats on you.

  12. What's up with Sierra drivers? A female in a Sierra reversed out from a parking spot and hit my brother's bumper she tried to to run but was followed by a witness and returned… a month later a different female in a Sierra reversed out of a parking spot and hit my mom's car.

  13. Why would the insurance company pay for paint correction on a newly painted panel? Getting the ceramic coating covered should be no issue, especially if you can show it was on the vehicle prior to the accident. The issue however would be if they are willing to pay the repair shop for wet sand/buff and denib, then asking to pay for paint correction as well is double dipping since it is on you to choose a qualified repair shop to do the repairs.

  14. When I bought my first new truck my wife scraped the top of the fender with a ladder in the first week. A month later it was shot in the door with a BB gun as I was driving. A couple months later the wife backed it into an A/C unit and bent the rear bumper. The truck had 3 terrible flaws before it hit 10k miles. I put 70K miles on the older truck I traded in. Never had a single incident in that beater

  15. Not on the same note but my car was considered totaled by the insurance but they did not consider my aftermarket suspension and wheels when they decided on the total value of my car.

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