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How to Answer a Civil Complaint | Jabar Post Indonesia

Attorney Steve Vondran’s top tips to consider when responding or answering to a complaint (i.e. a civil lawsuit).

Such topics such as denials and affirmative defenses are discussed.

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  1. HOW  do  I use  you just  to help  me with  my  summons/answer?  CAN I just use  you for that  alone??    IT  is by the hour right?    I am going to deny the payment  of  700.00.  I never made  it and i dont remember  paying it.  IT was in  2012.   THE last payment i made was   2011 JUNE   so the statute is  up.   I also have a defense of    that the contract   I signed   had    "you agree to these amounts   "  but  NO amounts were listed.   I only agreed to pay  7000k  put of pocket and  yes  I  do think   my case  is frivolous.  IF I deny  that  700 payment   are nt   they gonna have to  prove that i made it? I  dont remember  making it.

  2. I talked to many many lawyers. I think you need to talk to the consumer lawyers and not the debt collections defense ones. They are all  bankruptcy lawyers. I wasn't  impressed with any of them and am not paying 23K.   Read your complaint well and  come up with your defenses and defend yourself. Seems most lawyers I tried to talk to were a-holes and thought they were GOD. 2 hung up on me maybe 3. I don't  know what their problem is.  Most seem to wanna just do things half ass too.  I was charged 550.00  too for one consultation and  I went ahead and CONTESTED it  and my C C company  reversed it.  They were not ready and didnt  even read my stuff and they admitted it and then was like  "ohh my  son is calling, gotta go".  YOU think i am paying 550.00  for that?   I don't think so.  DONT be scared, REPRESENT yourself.

  3. In Arizona the process server is the U.S. post office, if its sent to the wrong address by the plaintiff so sad too bad. I filed three motions in Mohave County, all were denied without a reason…

  4. Do i have to call an attorney if i just want to pay and be done with it? I called the company 'suing' me and got everything straightened out with them so what now… i know that probably wasn't the best thing but I don't have money for an attorney and don't contest to anything… i accept that I did all of it and it's not that much money it'd cost me more to pay a lawyer than just pay what is needed….

  5. Hi, I'm being sued by an original creditor for 3 different credit cards totaling about 10,000, they served me notice on 2 of them by certified mail, but I haven't been served for the 3rd one yet. My question is should I give an answer for all 3 even though I was only served for two? I found all 3 of them on the JP Courts webpage.

  6. When would you do a 20-day refiling period? Is there such a thing? The lawsuit just started would this even exist in the begining of a lawsuit? The only thing the defendant did was ask for more time. That's it.

  7. Let's say an individual does choice to sue for malicious prosecution and they claim "good faith" would there possibly be merit in a rebuttal to argue that good faith would be claiming ignorance of the law. Hope I explained my theory properly. Any thoghts anyone?

  8. For the love of God please move the mic someplace where it's not rubbing on your shirt when you move around. Other than that I found your videos to be informative and useful.

  9. I was just a kid back then, now we call it the Litigation Whiteboard® with a registered copyright? Why? Because so many of you supported us, LIKED and COMMENTED. Thank you all!!!

  10. Attorney Steve, do you have any videos on lawsuits surrounding the Ralph Act or the Unruh Act? Trying understand the gray area between what are the rights and responsibilities of an establishment that is “open to the public.” Also would be helpful to understand video recording rights on “private property” that is a business open to the public.

    For example, one time I was in a Target store and I wanted to speak with the manager who was behind the counter of the CVS. Instead of coming out to talk to me, he summoned the security guard. I hadn’t done anything wrong, and I interpreted this aggression as a form of intimidation. Since I was alone, I then took out my phone to document the situation so this (jJERK!) CVS manager couldn’t try to twist the truth later.

    Soon the store manager came over, and he told me that I couldn’t record because it was “private property.” I told him, “Yes. It’s private property, but it’s ‘open to the public.’”

    I have run into this situation before, where all I’m trying to do is protect myself from falsehoods – purely as a defensive maneuver.

    Target has cameras all around, and expect for areas like the restroom. visitors and staff do not have “a reasonable expectation of privacy.” (This was in CA, btw)

    I tried looking up Supreme Court law. As far as I could tell, in such a situation, it seems to me I had the right to record what was going on to protect myself against false allegations as well as to document abuses by the personnel of the establishment (both of which were freely accessible to the public – but INSIDE, not in the parking lot).

    Not looking for “legal advice.” But if you could put out some videos that provide “general legal information only,” that would be helpful.

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