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Funny Compare the Meerkat Insurance Commercials | Jabar Post Indonesia/a> – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about Insurance companies.

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Funny Compare the Meerkat Insurance Commercials | Jabar Post Indonesia

An advertising poster for a Dutch insurance company from c. 1900–1918 depicts an armoured knight.

Financial market participants

Credit unions Insurance companies Investment banks Investment funds Pension funds

Prime brokers Trusts

Finance Financial market Participants Corporate finance Personal finance Public finance Banks and banking Financial regulation Fund governance
Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss. It is a form of risk management, primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent or uncertain loss.

An entity which provides insurance is known as an insurer, insurance company, insurance carrier or underwriter. A person or entity who buys insurance is known as an insured or as a policyholder. The insurance transaction involves the insured assuming a guaranteed and known relatively small loss in the form of payment to the insurer in exchange for the insurer’s promise to compensate the insured in the event of a covered loss. The loss may or may not be financial, but it must be reducible to financial terms, and usually involves something in which the insured has an insurable interest established by ownership, possession, or pre-existing relationship.

The insured receives a contract, called the insurance policy, which details the conditions and circumstances under which the insurer will compensate the insured. The amount of money charged by the insurer to the Policyholder for the coverage set forth in the insurance policy is called the premium. If the insured experiences a loss which is potentially covered by the insurance policy, the insured submits a claim to the insurer for processing by a claims adjuster. The insurer may hedge its own risk by taking out reinsurance, whereby another insurance company agrees to carry some of the risk, especially if the primary insurer deems the risk too large for it to carry.

The best and funniest commercial from Compare The Market – Compare the Meerkat..

Meerkat Fact: Meerkat clans, also known as mobs and gangs, hunt together in a collaborative effort that involves designated lookouts who rotate regularly and rely on a series of distinct calls to communicate to their compatriots. If a predator like a snake is detected, the gang will gather to harass the snake, biting and clawing at it until it retreats or is killed—a bold move one meerkat could never attempt alone.

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