Do you Need Carry Insurance? Lawyer Andrew Branca shoots us straight | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Do you Need Carry Insurance? Lawyer Andrew Branca shoots us straight | Jabar Post Indonesia

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I went with USCCA CCW Insurance –

Should you get CCW insurance in case the worst should happen and you need to defend yourself with a gun? If so, which CCW insurance is the right call for you? In this video, Andrew Branca, the author of The Law of Self Defense answers these questions. Andrew Branca has been a lawyer for 25 years, a Master competitive shooter, a former student of mentee of Massad Ayoob, a renowned author, and hosts the Law of Self Defense Show. In this video we also compare the following insurance options: (1) CCW Safe Insurance, (2) USCCA Carry Insurance, and the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network Insurance. Additionally, we give mention to Carry Guard insurance.

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  1. How oldest dam skam all the insurance is your just betting on the fact that you're not going to do some time for something you didn't do .. the criminal always wins in that way because you end up doing the right thing you end up paying for it but that's just the way of things you have to choose call The law and say you shot the person or buried sumbitch in the backyard!!!!! We all need good fertilizer these days what you going to do when the s*** hits the fan you going to call the lawyer to get you out of your

  2. He's the reason why I wouldn't call a law enforcement he gave me every reason and every word he said here that lawyers spoke and gave that reason because law enforcement is going to make common people in the criminals the justice department has made it that way and when this red flag law is just going to solidify that so I say to you people out there drag the person inside or bury him in the backyard and put some roses over and there you go whoever is your enemy…. see the system is set up against all of this long ago American Indians have been telling us that for years we didn't listen now we're going to suffer the same fate they did it's just a snowballing effect…. but you hear the lawyer going blah blah blah about all this money you need it's going to make people do different things not everybody's going to be able to afford to do that and you got millions of people with what was the point in getting the concealed weapons permit even if you get it now you're still in the same boat with the criminal…..

  3. It's almost as if the laws were written to make the common American person into a criminal and that's basically what he saying in my eyes how can you have lost the same time and then make it so that you spend all that money to protect yourself and lose your house and everything as he says on the guarantee that prosecutor isn't going to find a way to get you stuck with the punishment of killing that criminal as he breaks in your house…

  4. No difference between doctors and lawyers you always find a way to get in your pocket and they create a situation where they work with the laws that have been written against the American people so now you see that judges and prosecutors and can definitely decide on their own whether you Face Time in prison… and all the money you've accumulated to protect yourself is gone you lost your house you and your lose your wife and your kids.. so there's the flip of the coin why am I going to trust law enforcement do the thing I can do for myself why am I going to trust local government to tell me I'm wrong right for what I had to do and have to explain it again I think not we were taught to think for ourselves not by a government giving people to tell you this is how you got to do it that's where I draw the line how do they get to make the decisions on laws they created around the American people for each state in the country for that matter each County and City….

  5. Why was i right about the lawyer having a vested interest in insuring you see how that works I'm definitely right the doctors and lawyers do think the same they have a vested interest in keeping you in the hospital just like lawyers have a vested interest in keeping you paying that money and they invest themselves in the insurance companies so they can keep it going.. the sad place where and in this time when you see people.,he the lawyers saying that and he had to admit that so now we see where politicians and criminals are basically the same and people who are underneath law above…

  6. lawyer bloodsucker always there to make sure he answers himself in some way he has the money and he works out a deal with them…. scumbag number one these are the kinds of people that are going to be taking over it when the s*** hits the fan because they had no morals and no reason to want to change the laws that were on the books and over the years has gotten to where the laws are written against the common people… so Trump was right . The system was set up against the American people longago…..

  7. So basically this attorney makes that my argument that the government is federally corrupt and local governments corrupt so you can see how that they have made the laws set up against us Americans… so this makes me realize that the concealed weapons permit permit is just an excuse to lay the laws against you even harder….

  8. Get the concealed weapon permit and make it so you can take the firearm tooken home that day.. it's a good just a convenience of registry so that's how government gets you binded into their laws… we should very well wake up and realize that government is the freaking enemy… in most cases it's starting to look real bad for when you put a country in 23 trillion dollars in debt and then they want to remove a duly elected president so you see the corruption is just getting worse and worse and worse… here I thought voting was going to matter…. as for the rest of the world says we're prisonplanet cuz 72% of our population is in prison… largest prison population in the world even Trump even said that…….

  9. If you don't have Branca's book, get it and get smarter on the law of self defense. If you have a chance to take any of his state specific classes, they last all day and are available online. Great interview and lots of extremely useful information shared.

  10. this insurance is a bad idea. just shows the court you had intentionally shot some 1. therefore possibly causing your “self defense case” to be classified as something else.
    if you want insurance, open up a savings account and put rainy day funds back for such reasons.

  11. This is something I agree with and have it….very good stuff. Recommend USCCA the monthly cost not only covers 1 million in defense but I get support, training, and magazine subscription. No brainer. The advice listed following an incident is very crucial.

    1. Call 911 "Explain you were attacked, feared for your life and had to defend yourself"
    2. Request both police and an ambulance
    3. Next Call your attorney….or Insurance company immediately.
    4. When the police show up, repeat only what you just said to the 911 operator and NOTHING more until your attorney arrives. Do not give any statements until your attorney arrives. Even if they threaten to arrest you.

    They will take you into custody, they will take your weapon, and they will question you at the police station….remember this is where the prosecution's case begins. Sorry, Not to sound like I hate cops but I am not talking to any COP if I ever have to defend my life.

  12. why is insurance so expensive to cover something that very few of those covered will ever use. 5 bucks a month for this coverage would be out of line but 20 monthly is just taking advantage.

  13. When they say “physical fight” do they mean pulling your gun and using it if someone is about ready to whip your ass? There’s only one situation I’m ever gonna pull my weapon out for and that’s if I’m cornered in an active shooter situation. Any other scenario and I’m running. Surely to god I wouldn’t be sent to prison for defending my life from a madman with a gun, or am I being naive?

  14. So uscca get $50 a month for $2,000,000 of legal aid. $22 a month gets you $500k. Totally worth it. 20years of using them is about $10k, a drop in the bucket next to those legal fees.

  15. People wonder why society has turned males into femmes

    That's because back in the day someone was called a liar they would take them to a dueling field
    Nowadays a guy with an arm must walk away from an argument

  16. So hardened criminals with a long list of convictions can get off after killing somebody almost immediately on a technicality

    But a normal citizen defending themselves gets thrown in jail has two dual out money to lawyers and have insurance

  17. Head to a sanctuary city after you defend yourself….. Oh wait you're; a citizen you don't have that

    You just realized people with money have to pay

    Criminals don't until they been caught enough times that the courts recognize that they need to do something in order to convince the public that they are working to stop crime

  18. There are many (most?) people who carry a gun who have gun balls. These people end up in situations they would not otherwise be in if not for the confidence of that gun. Avoid all confrontations at all cost, except the cost of your life. P.S. one of the best and most valuable CC video/podcasts published. Thank You!

  19. Thanks John for this awakening for some folks. It's hard for me to believe with your experience with firearms and awareness of the general population, you are personal defense insurance free. Check out USCCA. Reasonably priced for what you get, plus you can add Ms Poet (same coverage) for hardly nothing. Check it out if you hadn't. Not keen on all their marketing avenues but they have good service and content. Been an Elite member for almost a decade. Be safe and well

  20. Plus..remember too that after you are finally declared as justified, the Civil suits begin because you ”killed" the breadwinner or some other bat shit excuse. Even when bogus, you still need to pay to protect yourself sad to say

  21. Yeah, I’m not sure if I even want to CCW any longer. I truly want to protect myself, my wife, and my baby in these times if I ever had to, but with this— we may just need to pray and hope we NEVER get in a situation, because apparently there is no winning. It’s like a needle in the haystack! This is soo tough. I just want my family and myself to be safe.

  22. What I got out of this is they the justice system preys on innocent people that don’t have the resources to defend themselves. Lawyers that defend criminal and lawyers that prosecute poor people because they see them as an easy win are scum. They deserve to go to jail.

  23. I was wrongfully charged for a DGU when I was attacked by multiple attackers in E.Lansing, Mi (home to MSU). The police only cared that there was a report of a man with a gun. No one was shot, and a round was never discharged. Long story short. The case was Nollo'd and did not go to trial however it still cost me $25,000 and my attackers were never charged even though there were witness backing the events. I however was charged with Brandishing, Felonious Assualt, and Felony Firearm. They never even tried to get my side of the story. Needless to say it was an eye opening experience.

  24. Thank you John for this video! Getting insurance never even crossed my mind before now. Just thought it was another scam from the top contenders (insurance agencies)…. I appreciate all you do to get the information for us. Thanks again!

  25. It's always about the criminal and they know it,in our country today criminals get a free check or free to them. They are victims Sheriff told me if you have a home invader go to the farest room from entries and cry out I have a gun. Only when they enter that room shoot. Even then depending on your judge due process

  26. Met a prosecutor that stated she didn’t care if a person was guilty or innocent, her job was to prove the person guilty based off what she was given. That it was the defense’s job to prove innocence. It all comes down to who does their job better.

  27. Hay John Amy needs some help from you gentlemen like yourself I spent 10 years in the US army and US army reserve I also was an instructor for the NRA and the dod after that along came nsa and ucca. My problem is I have developed a trimmer and I am finding it difficult to get my weapons sighted inthis thing's I would do for people in the military or anywhere they are a lot harder to do on yourself as an instructor I'm sure you know it's not fun to have something messing with your fun day at a range.I imagine you could probably help me if not at least know somebody that could help me with how to use my firearm has more effectively whilst having the tremoring going on. Throw me a hail Mary Brother

  28. I picked up carry insurance when I got my license. It costs as much as Netflix would if I watched that bullshit.

    Never had to use it, hopefully I never do, but it's worth it even if I don't.

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