Dems Fight to Impeach Pres. Trump Before 2020 Election | Jabar Post Indonesia

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Dems Fight to Impeach Pres. Trump Before 2020 Election | Jabar Post Indonesia

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  1. It’s time for republicans to say something back to democrats. How is it that they keep coming at Trump like that and there’s now law in place or nothing this is starting to piss me off I’m going to show up at them meetings at tell them off. We the people need to stand up for ourselves we’re letting them just walk all over us. What can we do?

  2. Never heard of impeaching a POTUS just so you can win!! It's quite funny when you think about it!! OR silence Trump's Twitter account to improve your odds of ending up getting silenced yourself!! My God, I can't stop laughing!! Please, someone make it stop!!

  3. The Democrats have been trying to impeach him since the day he got elected. But the Democrats will lose again just like the other times. If they want evidence wrongdoing. They better start looking at their own. Email scandal, Benghazi, there is evidence there but nothing was done I think you know where I’m going with this.

  4. AWESOME show today! ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL CALLER with Sister Denise! So glad you decided to get her contact info and super stoked you will be putting her on your nightly show regularly. She was on FIRE for GOD and the TRUTH! I was thinking as I was listening to her … I sure wish he would have her on his show regularly and then you asked her. She spoke straight to our spirit man. I had HOLY GHOST GOOSE BUMPS! Cant wait to hear her on your nightly show! You could have a segment called… STOMP THE SWAMP… Spiritual Warfare. Or something like that. Play a clip from Kirk Franklin’s Song… STOMP. Anyway love both your shows. I pray God’s favor over you and in the Name of Jesus, I decree God’s Overflow Blessings on everything You put your hands to! Love you Brother! In Christ, D

  5. The only way this is going to stop against our president is if the Patriots and the right rally together and demand the resignation of these Democrats these people are despicable and they're dirtier than hell we need somebody to put something together so we can rally behind and go do what we got to do

  6. NEVER WOULD HE WANT TO HURT OTHERS…(viewer comment)….wrong..dt hurts thro financial means, hard working American men & suppliers w/fam. to provide for. & never apologized to them. never paid them.

    as for the moat w/gators/snakes/shots. it is typical dt rhetoric. "shoot…5th ave","don't be nice", & many more.

    the comment dt made to foreign leader….That is against the law. so you are ok with dt & his asking for foreign help. like Russ? think of that–you want russ in America govt. in control of us.

    caller comment:…" if you lie you will steal"….so dt always lies, & he used legal sys to his advantage. his past character is on display in the wh. she sounds like dt & his deranged rant today.

    "dems tell blk.women to abort"….wrong. dem. cities have more homeless……wrong. there are homeless every where. so you gop christian's take the lead,open the mental institutions. problem is most every family has a mental fam. member. what to do? put them on the streets. the druggies—changes the laws—-put them in prison,—someones son, dau, fat, sis, brother. the alcohol homeless—-Jail? again a fam. member. a concern now are the elderly, they can't afford the rent, they have fixed income, medical issues, So now tell us about the gop run states, they are depended on handouts from govt. & have drug,alcohol,abuse,mental issues.

    caller comment:…who said moat w/gators/snakes? dt copied from Obama. so Obama was mocking the gop. Mocking the gop is easy to do. so dt wants to outdo Obama, dt wanted to shoot in the legs, how about nuking a hurricane.
    your coup comment, wrong, dt is unfit. todays insane rant is proof,

    caller comment: 'they rig. election for hillary'? "go vote"…they did, popular vote over 2 mill. they didn't want dt. he only won by electoral college.
    caller comment: …"angel moms can't see their kid"…"illegals assault kids"—? so tell the guy—–teachers, coaches, priest, elected officials, pd, uncle, neighbor, every walk of life do wrong to kids. mention to him—who did majority of school s…..toward the kids–(back to the mental issue). something is wrong with people.

    your parody spin, so look what f O x/youtube hosts/media did to Obama. nonstop, still to this day. Obama is most admired & Mrs Obama. , so who is at bottom….dt but who can we see unclothed? mrsdt. you spin on parody is just making excuse, (the gop people have to make excuses , have no choice. ) for dt bad behavior.

    what do you think of dt "B…S" tweet. Obama would never be crude, never go crazy on world stage, with a foreign leader next to him.
    sad people on your show tonight. pretty sad. but what did dt say "i love the poorly educated".

  7. I am so glad that you are on fire for president Trump. I don't like the Democrats and I haven't liked them for quite some time. I am 63 years old and my dad was a Democrat. I used to believe in that party when I was a child, but, ever since my first marriage I began to see the Democrats In a Different Light. They are not truthful. They are very deceiving and the reason why I voted for Donald Trump in 2016 is because I knew that he would clean the swamp. He's doing exactly what he said he would do and I will vote again in 2020 for him. Thank you for doing what you are doing to help people to see that Donald Trump is good for our country and good for us. He is the one who is fixing things and he is trying to get everyone to see how bad the Democratic party is. Make America great again is a very good thing and more power to President Trump for doing just that. Keep doing what you're doing and exposing the Democrats for the rat party that they are. I will keep listening to you and thank you so much for doing what you are to help promote President Trump and everything he is trying to do to fix America

  8. Yes I saw the story come across my news feed on Facebook. It is a New York Times editorial quoting a book written by someone that was supposedly in the room whenever he said this about the moat and shooting people in the legs and what not.
    Unfortunately I am in Facebook Jail at the moment for winning a debate with a liberal idiot so I couldn't even comment on the post. They claim I was harassing and bullying because I explained to him that he was being used as a useful idiot in order to support the corrupt DC establishment.
    I guess they didn't appreciate the point I was trying to make.
    It is beyond absurd but it seems people are buying into it.

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