Ahn Jae Hyun Appoints “Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom” Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun | Jabar Post Indonesia

Ahn Jae Hyun Appoints “Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom” Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun | Jabar Post Indonesia – This time JabarPost.Net will discuss about Lawyer.

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Ahn Jae Hyun Appoints “Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom” Lawyer Bang Jung Hyun | Jabar Post Indonesia

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The role of the lawyer varies greatly across legal jurisdictions, and so it can be treated here in only the most general terms

Ahn Jae Hyun has finally appointed a lawyer, and he is one that many people following the scandals in 2019 will recognize.
Ahn Jae Hyun’s lawyer is Bang Jung Hyun, who is the same lawyer who sent the contents of Jung Joon Young‘s chatrooms to the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission.

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  1. I wish he would actually sued her, especially since she brought innocent people he was working with into her personal mess!!!

    Her intention was to destroy him and make him unemployable in the industry but his pure heart towards her saved him.. She is clearly a monster! I pray she repents and finds inner peace and happiness, the kind only God gives and not any man!!

  2. shutup evrybody u dont even undertsan hyesun mind dont forget c is a girl with fragile heart…y would ajh consider divorce if he really love her???? he is iimmmature n cant even handle couple fight.if he is to divorce dis early y did he even marry her.ajh is dog….

  3. Another tragedy… This why we see so many people just avoid marriage altogether… To be honest, I feel bad for both of them. I can see that she is devastated to the point of having this very public breakdown. I'm absolutely positive that she had some legitimate concerns. On the other hand, from his side I can see how he could have felt suffocated and controlled.

    Although physical attraction is super important in the marriage, compatibility and mutual respect is more important. It seems their personalities did not match at all.

  4. Now! i know marriage is one of the very complicated I'm 25 yrs old I never date to someone in my life bcoz I'm really scared how I saw a lots of divorce couples in this modern world ☹️☹️☹️

  5. AJH if you sue KHS you will look bad…I'm sure you are doin this to protect your image…first of all its your duty to protect KHS as her husband…who will do it for her then? I'm really disappointed how you and your agency handled this matter …you are no different from KHS …when you try to justify to the public why you wanted divorce…all within the bounds of protecting your image …your career….yourself…whatever happens to your wife reflects on
    what kind of husband you are….so foolish…you surround yourself with foolish counsel…

  6. Wow, I dont understand why he got married in the first place and then drop a bomb saying" I want a divorce, did he not think, that he will ruin GHS image, in Korean once you become a divorcee, it's hard to get endorsement deals, acting career, or good image in the korea public eye, your reputation is ruined, unless you have a good agent to bring you out of the mess, but in GHS position, she has no Agent, no support, just her mum, so shes on her own on this, we dont know the full details of their problem, but im sure a husband can fix a small little issue or fight, but saying I want a divorce and not mending the problem, its very sad.
    Im sure GHS was tryna help AHJ with keeping his image clean, by telling him, be carefull, dont go partying, dont go with girls, be sure your manger is their..etc…Hellllooooo, good image in the public eye, heapz of paparazzi, people will get GHS wrong, for been too over controling of AHJ but shes only doing so to protect her husband for making crazy mistake. Both side are hurting deeply, I would, if my husband tells me he wants a divorce, because his depress, I would go crazy n knock some sense into him.😂😂😂😂

  7. shut up people!!! don't you dare blame ahn jae yhun for divorcing gop hye sun.. because hye sun really need a psychiatrist.. she's not normal anymore.. who the she is for saying that ahn jae yhun ruing here life which in fact she is the one who ruin the life of ahn jae yhun.. if she really love him then let him go. nobody wants or husband to be treated as what hye sun treated her husband as like that.. seriously she's really manipulated person. if i ahn jar yhun i really wanted to be free than having a wife like her such a jerk and obsessed

  8. I don't understand…first, i already read all the conversation between ajh and ghs after dispatch exposed that.. And seriously, i see no serious issue involved unless ghs being a little bit queen control. Then if ghs claimed that ajh cheated on her…. Why she doesn't want to divorce……? I mean.. First she doesn't want.. Then she want.. Then she doesn't wanted divorce…what is the 'roller coster' situation

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