[943] It’s Worse Than I Thought — Avoid This Viro Lock! | Jabar Post Indonesia

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[943] It’s Worse Than I Thought — Avoid This Viro Lock! | Jabar Post Indonesia

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  1. I think what they were thinking is that the locks are meant to be handled gently, and thus placid and gently attempts at ''bruteforcing'' the locks will cause issues since the lock isnt meant to be handled that way. Aka locks that are there to look like an attempt was made to secure the bike and not to actually do anything.

  2. Shit like this always gives me this impression of the matrix being the real thing and this is where the boundaries are drawn. I mean I could explain it to myself that this job was passed down to somebody who didn't get all the information, or understand or care and then just fucked it up, but this shit is happening all the time and there's entire sectors training leading positions to deal with retarded shit and at some point this should have stopped like a long time ago. I mean what the fuck?

  3. Wow, not only did they fail the first test, and claim it was a bad batch, but they failed the tests following it with a good batch in the same exact way.

    Either Viro Testers need to get swoll, or there was never a bad batch, and they don't know what they're talking about just like they don't know security.

  4. Viro CEO: "sorry about your defective lock, fortunately we have solved the issue. Please take these new locks and do your worst, We're confident you wont find they have the same issue"
    LPL: "Im about to end this man's whole career"

    RIP Viro

  5. All hail to the YouTube Algorithm for randomly suggesting this channel after I searched for videos on how to break into people's homes. i've watched half his videos and managed to crack four different heavy duty safes just last night. thanks lockpickinglawyer

  6. So…. They actually send you multiple replacement locks telling about a faulty batch or something and then it turns out the problem is just in the design of the lock itself… Way to go Viro 😀

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